The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood

The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood

In the season finale of The Flesh Cartel: Fragmentation, Nikolai sets into motion his plan to break the bonds of brotherhood between Dougie and Mat. Time and again, Mat and Dougie have proven they’ll do anything to stay together, anything to spare the other misery or pain. To sever that thread, Nikolai plots a strategy more cruel and clever than he’s ever employed before. And to pull it all off, he enlists the help of a willing accomplice: Mat.

You see, Mat and Nikolai have come to an understanding. Or rather, Nikolai has come to understand  what makes Mat tick. How to wind him up. How to make him stop. And how very much he’s willing to sacrifice for his brother’s happiness.

But Mat is still a loose cannon, and there’s no telling how Nikolai’s plan will unfold. One thing’s for certain though: Nikolai never fails, and with Mat’s cooperation or without it, Dougie will be his.

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Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes:

explicit violence, non-consent

Nikolai left Douglas curled up on his side in the bed, sleeping the sleep of the truly exhausted. He had to be, to be able to sleep at all with that massive plug inside him. Hopefully this particular training would end soon.

But he’d worry about tomorrow when it came. For now, he closed and locked the door behind him, and headed down the hall to the vault-like wall that isolated one half of the basement from the other. It wasn’t exactly convenient to have to lock and unlock this door too, but it was crucial—at least for now—that the brothers never be able to hear each other or be reminded of the other’s presence. Only one last door to get through now: the one for Mathias’s suite. He unlocked it as quietly as he could, hoping to catch the man in a natural state. He could’ve checked the video feed on his phone, of course, but where was the sense of adventure in that? Besides, he trusted his leverage over Mathias thoroughly enough not to fear for his own safety.

Mathias was on the treadmill, running flat-out, naked but for socks and sneakers and the new spandex shorts Nikolai had had delivered this morning. Sweat slicked the whole glorious expanse of his muscular body. He didn’t seem to have heard Nikolai enter—no surprise between the whir of the treadmill, the pounding of his shoes on the conveyor belt, and the loud but even rasping of air in and out of his powerful lungs. A stunning sight indeed. Hypnotic, almost. Nikolai leaned against the doorframe and simply enjoyed it for a moment.

Such power. And soon, Nikolai would have it entirely under his control. His pet warrior. His champion. Hmm, maybe not. More like a dancing bear, beaten and kept in chains.

His moment of quiet observation abruptly ended when Mat caught sight of him in his peripheral vision and startled so hard he nearly flew off the end of the treadmill. Instead, he half tripped onto steady ground, rounding on Nikolai with a facial expression and body language that spoke of barely reined-in fury.

You made me beg you to fuck my ass, you fucking monster, that expression screamed. But out loud, Mathias only said—well, spat, “I was going for time on a half-marathon. What do you want?”

Nikolai could play this game too, saying one thing and meaning another. He raised an eyebrow that admonished—I don’t respond to that tone of voice—and asked, “How far did you go?”

Mathias glared hard at him for another long moment, then walked over to shut off the treadmill and peer at the display. He grabbed the towel he’d slung over the handlebars and wiped at his face with it, sucking down air like a man who’d pushed himself far too hard. “Eleven miles in fifty-two minutes. That fast enough to get away from this place, you think?”

“It doesn’t matter how fast you run, Mathias. We’d find you. Assuming, of course, you were even capable of leaving the building. And then what? What about Douglas? Would you leave him behind?”

Mathias bristled, fists balled at his sides. “He can keep up. Has since he was nine. Used to follow me on my morning run every day like a lost puppy.”

Mathias went silent then, looking the sort of confused Nikolai had grown very familiar with over the years: that wounded, wondering expression that screamed, Why did I just tell him that?

No matter how stubborn his charges were, they all wore that expression at one point or another.



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General Details

Word Count: 24,400

Page Count: 93

Cover By: Imaliea

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-937551-75-9

Release Date: 03/30/2013

Price: $2.99