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Sundays with Oliver

Author: Kelly Jensen

Two empty-nesters. Two bruised hearts. One chance to make things right.

Oliver expected to miss his daughter when she left for college, but he’s surprised by the size of the hole she leaves. Or maybe he hadn’t expected to spend his days watching grass grow and making sad cookies. Or to lose his job. Meeting Nick—the uncle of his daughter’s roommate—is a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy forecast. Nick is focused, talented, and as beautiful as the dollhouses he builds. Being near him might bring light and purpose to Oliver’s life.

Nick expected to miss his niece when she left for college, but he’s still figuring out how to cope with her absence, when his brother reappears after twelve years, complicating the emotional puzzle. Then there’s Oliver, the sweet, calm, and competent man who looks at Nick like no one ever has. Spending Sundays in Oliver’s company is the balm he needs, though Nick is waiting for Oliver to decide their relationship is too much work.

But just as Nick begins to get comfortable, Oliver’s need to provide for all of the people he loves threatens to pull them apart. If their relationship is to survive, they will have to learn to let go. For Oliver, this means asking himself what he really wants, this time around. For Nick, it means letting himself grieve the people who can’t come back and love the people who always will.

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Shelf Life

Author: Kelly Jensen

Good things come to those who bake.

Grayson used to love baking, but the recipe for running his parents’ café changes every day. His dad, overwhelmed by grief, is no help. They can’t even talk about Gray’s mom, let alone the failing business. Of less help is the crush Gray has on Sporty—a trainer from the local gym. Gray barely has time for his friends, let alone scratching the itch Sporty inspires.

Aaron suspects he’s not Gray’s type, meaning Gray probably isn’t into fitness, board games, or redheads. Still, that doesn’t stop Aaron visiting the café twice a week. The day Gray finally speaks to him personally could have been the start of something—if Gray hadn’t immediately suffered a heart attack.

The prescription for Gray’s recovery includes exercise, but when Aaron steps in to help, Gray is dubious. He’s never been fond of working out. The more he gets to know Aaron, though, the more they seem to have in common, especially when it comes to games. Aaron has been quietly designing his own, and when Gray shows interest, they embark on a quest to complete it together: a hero’s journey complicated by family, the demands of their careers, their fledgling relationship, and learning to be honest about what they want out of life. 

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The Leaving Kind

Author: Kelly Jensen

Without heart, there is no art.

Cameron has been running for years—from responsibility, disappointment, war, and loss. Despite his fatigue, his body and mind refuse to rest. Returning home and supporting his younger brother helped, until Nick proved he no longer needed Cam’s care. But before Cam can decide to move on again, he meets someone else who could use a little help.

Victor is done with love. He’s done with men. He’s also done, apparently, with being a brilliant, if temperamental, artist. Now he’s just temperamental and would rather watch his gorgeous handyman dig in the garden than paint. It doesn’t take long, however, before Cam’s face—replete with stories—has Victor itching to pick up a brush again. If only painting people wasn’t fraught with sad memories.

Neither plans for more than friendship, but it quickly turns to sex, and then feelings intense enough to send them both running. Only by risking their hearts and sharing the pain of the past can they turn this love into the staying kind.

This is part of the Hearts & Crafts series and can be read on its own but is best enjoyed as part of the series.

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Prince of Tricks

Author: Jane Kindred

When desire rises, angels will fall.

Over the past century, Belphagor has made a name for himself in Heaven’s Demon District as a card sharp, thief, and charming rogue. Though he’s content with his own company, he enjoys applying the sweet sting of discipline to a willing backside—angel, demon, and even the occasional human. He’s not particular. But when a hotheaded young firespirit steals his purse—and his heart—all bets are off.

Vasily, a former rentboy and cutpurse from the streets of Raqia, has never felt safer than in the arms—and at the feet—of the Prince of Tricks. He’s just not sure if Belphagor returns his feelings. The attentions of a rich, angelic duke provide the perfect opportunity to find out whether Belphagor is willing to fight for him, but the foolish game backfires—spectacularly.

When the duke frames Vasily in an assassination plot, Belphagor will do whatever it takes to clear his lover’s name and expose the real traitor. Because for the first time in his life, the Prince of Tricks has something to lose.

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King of Thieves

Author: Jane Kindred

There are worse things to lose than a good name.

Belphagor is used to being on top—at the gaming table and in the bedroom. But as a boyfriend? He’s pretty much out of his element. Temperamental firespirit Vasily has stuck by his side so far, giving Belphagor some of the most intense sexual experiences of his life. But their relationship is far from perfect. Vasily’s rebellious nature exposes trust issues that can’t be ignored—and playing games with his safeword adds fuel to the fire.

When Belphagor uncovers a nefarious smuggling ring that spans both Heaven and Earth, Vasily jumps at the chance to help shut it down. But Belphagor hasn’t told him everything, and Vasily soon finds himself in mortal peril. The Prince of Tricks may have finally pushed Vasily too far, putting one more crack in an already fragile foundation.

With love, honor, and his life on the line, Belphagor will need every trick up his sleeve to dismantle the smuggling ring for good. But winning Vasily back will take more than tricks. It’s time to lay all the cards on the table—or risk losing everything.

Note: This is a revised second edition, originally published elsewhere.

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Master of the Game

Author: Jane Kindred

Love is the ultimate game changer, and this time it’s winner takes all.

Now that Vasily is back in his arms, Belphagor’s in no hurry to say the words they both long to hear: You’re my boy. He’s savoring the sweet torture of driving Vasily into a frenzy of unfulfilled need—and seeing just how much both of them can take.

Vasily secretly enjoys their increasingly edgy play, until Belphagor auctions him off for a night to the seductive Silk, setting in motion a chain of events that neither could have anticipated. Tight-lipped about the abrupt end of his relationship with the sweet submissive Phaleg, Silk may be at the heart of a conspiracy against the pregnant queen of Heaven—and Phaleg is the angel investigating it.

Though Belphagor couldn’t be less interested in the games angels play, angelic and demonic intrigues soon overlap, drawing him in against his will until he’s forced to break his one inviolable rule: never gamble what you can’t afford to lose.

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Dancing With The Lion: Becoming

Author: Jeanne Reames

Two boys, one heroic bond, and the molding of Greece’s greatest son.

Before he became known as Alexander the Great, he was Alexandros, the teenage son of the king of Makedon. Rather than living a life of luxury, as prince he has to be better and learn faster than his peers, tackling problems without any help. One such problem involves his increasingly complicated feelings for his new companion, Hephaistion.

When Alexandros and Hephaistion go to study under the philosopher Aristoteles, their evolving relationship becomes even harder to navigate. Strength, competition, and status define one’s fate in their world—a world that seems to have little room for the tenderness growing between them.

Alexandros is expected to command, not to crave the warmth of friendship with an equal. In a kingdom where his shrewd mother and sister are deemed inferior for their sex, and his love for Hephaistion could be seen as submission to an older boy, Alexandros longs to be a human being when everyone but Hephaistion just wants him to be a king.

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Dancing With The Lion: Rise

Author: Jeanne Reames

The story of Alexander before he became “the Great.”

Finished with schooling, Alexandros is appointed regent of Makedon while his father is away on campaign. He thrives with his new authority—this is the role he was born for—yet it creates conflict with his mother and Hephaistion. And when his soldiers, whom he leads with unexpected skill, start to call him “The Little King,” his father is less than delighted.

Tensions escalate between Alexandros and his father, and between Makedon and the city-states of southern Greece. As the drums of war sound, king and crown prince quarrel during their march to meet the Greeks in combat. Among other things, his father wants to know he can produce heirs, and thinks he should take a mistress, an idea Alexandros resists.

After the south is pacified, friction remains between Alexandros and the king. Hostilities explode at festivities for his father’s latest wedding, forcing Alexandros to flee in the middle of the night with his mother and Hephaistion. The rigors of exile strain his relationships, but the path to the throne will be his biggest challenge yet: a face-off for power between the talented young cub and the seasoned old lion.

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Fourteen Summers

Author: Quinn Anderson

Three friends, two brothers, and one unforgettable romance.

Identical twins Aiden and Max Kingsman have been a matched set their whole lives. When they were children, Aiden was happy to follow his extroverted brother’s lead, but now that they’re in college, being “my brother, Aiden” is starting to get old. He’s itching to discover who he is outside of his “twin” identity.

Oliver’s goals for the summer are simple: survive his invasive family, keep his divorced parents from killing each other, and stay in shape for rowing season. He’s thrilled when he runs into his old friends, the Kingsman twins, especially Aiden, the object of a childhood crush. Aiden is all grown-up, but some things have stayed the same: his messy curls, his stability, and how breathless he makes Oliver. Oliver’s crush comes back full force, and the feeling is mutual. Summer just got a whole lot hotter.

Fun-loving Max takes one thing seriously: his role as “big brother.” When Aiden drifts away, Max can’t understand how his own twin could choose a boy over him. Summer won’t last forever, and with friendship, family, and happily ever after on the line, they’ll have to navigate their changing relationships before it’s too late.

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Are You Kitten Me

Author: Quinn Anderson

Free to Good Home: two sweet males, need lots of love!

Shane Maguire is over-stressed and under-loved. He’s finally landed a respectable job at an upscale restaurant, but the brutal hours have butchered his chances at romance. When his dad suggests he fill the void with a pet, Shane agrees and falls head-over-heels for a gorgeous shelter kitten. There’s only one problem: the handsome stranger who claims he saw her first. They can’t both adopt her, so Shane proposes they share custody . . . of a cat. What could go wrong?

Damian Murphy used to love working from home, but prolonged isolation has made the passing days a blur. He hopes his adorable new tabby will shake things up. Now if only Shane would stop insisting she’s their cat and disappear already, same as all the other men in his life. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their smoldering chemistry.

Meatball is a kitten. She is very cute, which is important because of reasons. For such a little cat, Meatball has big problems. Her dads are in denial, and as much as she enjoys watching them dance around each other, they need a claw in the right direction. If the three of them are going to be a real family, someone will have to play matchmaker. And Meatball is just the intrepid kitty for the job.

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Relationship Material

Author: Jenya Keefe

It's not always possible to meet in the middle.

Registered nurse Evan Doyle doesn’t consider himself fit for more than occasional hookups. He has a good life, but the emotional aftermath of a horrific crime makes him feel too damaged to date. So when his sister’s hot bestie, Malcolm Umbertini, comes on to him, he turns him down flat. Mal is Relationship Material: the kind who thinks in the long term. What would Evan do with a man like that?

As a prosecuting attorney, Mal’s learned how to read people, and he knows there’s more to Evan than meets the eye. Mal has faced his own hardships since his family kicked him out as a teen, and he respects Evan’s courage and emotional resilience. More than that, he wants Evan—in his bed and in his life. But can he weather another rejection?

Both wary, they agree to a no-strings fling. Mal knows that Evan wants things to stay casual, but he’s falling in love a little more with each encounter. With health, happiness, and bruised hearts on the line, Mal and Evan must risk everything for love.

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Musician and the Monster

Author: Jenya Keefe

Hatred is a spell only true love can break.

Ángel Cruz is a dedicated session musician, until loyalty to his estranged family forces him to work for Oberon: the feared and hated envoy from the Otherworld. Overnight, Ángel is taken from his life, his friends, his work, and trapped in a hideous mansion in the middle of nowhere, under constant surveillance, and with only the frightening fae for company.

Oberon’s poor understanding of humans combined with Ángel’s resentment and loneliness threaten to cause real harm to the pair. Then a long winter together in the mansion unites them in their love of music. Slowly, Ángel’s anger thaws, and he begins to realize that Oberon feels alone too.

Gradually, these two souls from different worlds form a connection like none other. But hate and prejudice are powerful things, and it’ll take all the magic of their love to stop the wider world from forcing them apart.

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