Running Blind (A Havoc Novel)

Running Blind (A Havoc Novel)

Author: SE Jakes

An ATF agent who lives for danger finds what he craves from an outlaw biker.

It’s impossible for a one-percenter motorcycle club member to simply walk away—and no one knows that better than undercover agent Bram, who’s almost killed for trying. His cover isn’t blown—yet—but it’s only a matter of time. The Heathens won’t be satisfied until he’s dead, so he decides to lay low and heal.

But when his younger brother’s disappearance throws a wrench into his plan, Bram ends up in Shades Run, a town ruled by the notorious Havoc MC. In less than twenty-four hours, Bram finds himself at the mercy of Sweet, Havoc’s president, as he throws himself into the undercover role of a lifetime: himself. A man who’s never belonged anywhere, and who will do anything to protect his younger brother.

When finding Linc seems impossible, Bram is torn between Sweet, Linc, and revealing his true identities . . . and there appears to be no way out. Once again, he risks it all trying to save it all. Only this time he’s got no backup to save him if he falls.

Part of the series: Havoc
Price: $4.99

This title comes with no special warnings.

Chapter One

Hell ain’t a bad place to be

“No one quits us—you’re a dead man walking.”

Those words rang in Bram’s ears for weeks after the beatdown by the Heathens MC that left him wishing he was dead, which was the point.

Lesson given, lesson received.

Rest and recovery, the docs kept stressing, when all he wanted was to put as much distance between himself and the hospital bed as possible. And he’d meant that literally, planned on taking the vacation that his supervisor suggested.

For your heath—to rest and relax, Parisi’d emphasized.

Which was bullshit, because Bram was ninety percent sure a one-percenter, violent motorcycle club wouldn’t let him escape that easily.

But maybe that’s just you being paranoid.

To the Heathens, he’d been a prospective member named Monk. In reality, he’d been an undercover ATF agent who’d infiltrated the club and served up evidence that resulted in numerous arrests and convictions, putting the Heathens in serious legal and financial troubles.

Bram knew at the outset that leaving an MC once he’d been patched in was close to impossible, and that vacating even a prospect position would put his life in extreme danger.

He’d expected the ATF to have his back, and he’d been wrong.

“The plan went to shit,” was all Parisi would tell him. “Heads will roll.”

Bram was no stranger to pain, but there were moments during his recovery that he’d actively prayed for death. Most of the time he’d refused to let himself focus on the broken bones and stab wounds he’d endured.

To say he was skittish these days was putting it mildly, and it was safe to say that the last place he’d wanted to end up was Shades Run and in the potential crosshairs of another notorious MC—and too close to the one that’d nearly killed him for comfort.

But for his younger brother, Linc, Bram was a goddamned sucker. Which was why he was headed there to see a man about a bounty, and to get a lead on Linc’s whereabouts. Because Linc had been MIA for months, even after Bram’s doctors had left him a series of messages regarding the state of Bram’s health.

Linc was a lot of things, and he could flake on a moment’s notice, but like Bram, Linc knew life or death. For him to have just not responded….

Fuck it. Bram refused to let himself go there again. He’d move forward instead and deal with Linc’s disappearance.

Which was why, nearly a month after his near-death experience, Bram found himself sitting in a bar called Bertha’s the night before his appointment with the bounty hunter from Shades Run, who obviously got off on dialing Bram’s number a hundred motherfucking times a day.

Goddammit, Linc.

Bram couldn’t say that enough. Wouldn’t stop anytime soon. He’d put his own life on goddamned hold for Linc again. Their sister, Linnea, told Bram he was nuts to do so again, but she always said that. In two days, she’d be calling demanding to know why Bram hadn’t gotten Linc back home yet, not giving a shit that there was now a fucking bounty hunter threatening to show up at his door because Linc had jumped bail.

Obviously, Bram had been listed as giving collateral for the bond . . . and he’d done no such thing.

Goddammit, Linc.

Because Linc knew that Bram’s address needed to remain private, a necessity of his job. The fact that Linc no longer gave a shit about Bram’s safety was enough for him to get ass in seat and drive to Shades with minimal stops.

First, he’d convince the bounty hunter that he knew nothing about the goddamned bond. And from there, he’d find Linc, get his brother on the straight and narrow . . . and then decide if he was walking straight back into hell.

Not a problem at all.

Now, Bram stared into his beer, thought about all the hotel rooms in all the cities and countries he’d been in over the years, some for work, a lot for tracking Linc’s ass down and bringing him back. Trying to get him a real job. Trying to make him responsible.

Fuck it. He was getting drunk tonight. He downed the shot in front of him and half his beer, and the bartender was already sliding the bottle of Jack toward him, asking, “Ready for another?”

Bram put a couple of twenties on the counter. “Keep them coming.”

“Sure thing. But this one’s on the house—courtesy of Grayson.” The bartender motioned, and Bram turned to see the same bouncer who’d looked him over in subtle appreciation at the door earlier now giving him an easy smile. Bram wondered what that must be like, because nothing had been easy for a while.

Maybe tonight he’d find easy, along with its friend, lucky. But not anytime soon, because this place was getting more crowded by the second.

This wasn’t a biker bar, but rowdy enough. Linc would fucking love it here. Lots of bouncers, almost enough to egg on a guy who liked bar fights for the pure sake of a good bar fight.

Linc called them art forms.

Thinking about Linc made Bram take the next shot quickly. It burned beautifully going down, but as he brought the beer to his mouth to chase it, he caught sight of leather jackets bearing an MC’s rocker and he almost goddamned lost it. His hand trembled and he put the beer down and forced himself to fucking breathe.

As Dozer, his friend from the ATF, would often tell him, “Calm the fuck down, son—it’s all going to be okay.”

But how? He went through the reasons in his mind, ticking them off, one by one.

These MC men aren’t here for you.

He didn’t know that for sure, but their rockers bore the Havoc symbol, not Heathens. And although Havoc were notorious motherfuckers in their own right, Bram knew that Havoc did not associate with Heathens.

Plus, you look different from your time with the MC.

Dramatically so from his two years undercover as a prospect. He no longer wore a beard or mustache, and his hair was grown out longer than the shaved look he’d rocked with the Heathens. He’d also worn contacts and dentures that changed the shape of his face and jawline, and he walked differently than his MC persona had.

Hell, short of plastic surgery, there was nothing else he could do but live. Because the other option was to kill himself before the Heathens found him, and he didn’t go down that easily.

Your job is over.

But honestly, some of the shit he’d seen and done for the Heathens? He’d never, ever live it down—or be able to live with himself.

Which was why he did two more shots in quick succession, finished another beer in two gulps, and waved for the bartender to keep them coming. Because Bram was in the middle of MC-land. Because of Linc.

That could be the title of his life’s story, or maybe more fittingly, on his tombstone: Because of Linc.

After two more rounds in a ten-minute time span, he was rapidly becoming a paranoid fucking drunk. He stood, conveniently forgetting the pain factor of healing bones and ligaments and ribs sans pain pill he’d refused to take tonight. He grabbed his side and tried to breathe.

It was then he noticed that he was surrounded by lots of black leather. It was only three bikers, but that was enough. His flashbacks started almost immediately, his breath coming in harsh pulls, and he heard the bikers murmuring around him.

And then a hand went to the back of his neck, a cool palm with a light but firm touch, and a graveled voice asked, “Do you need medical assistance?”

“Just stood too fast,” Bram managed. He forced himself to glance up at the man whose broad body was too close to his.

He was tanned, which made his eyes look slightly amber. He also had a lollipop stuck in his mouth, and his hair was up in a partial man bun. He was big. Ex-military, if Bram had to guess, and even though the guy hadn’t said anything more, his eyes shone with concern.

Bram told him quickly, “I’m fine,” in response to his unspoken question.

“You don’t seem it.”

“Why would you give a shit?”

“I own this place. My insurance premiums go up if someone dies on the premises,” the guy explained, and Bram stared at him, noting he’d smiled a little as he’d drawled his explanation. “Come on, let’s get you some air.”

“Don’t know you,” Bram muttered.

“People call me Sweet.”

Bram turned that over in his mind as he registered Sweet’s hand persuasively guiding him away from the crowds—and the other two bikers—and fuck, Sweet was taking him outside.

Sweet from the Havoc MC.

Bad motherfuckers. They were the kind of club even assholes like the Heathens wouldn’t touch. So Bertha’s was Havoc-owned, and Bram hadn’t done any research on the place, had basically done the equivalent of running into a burning building, because he’d been so focused on Linc.

Now, Bram focused on putting one foot in front of the other without tripping. As soon as he reached the open air of the alley, he turned and pressed the big man to the wall in an attempt to stave off a possible beating.

He was supposed to fucking run after that, but he became mesmerized by Sweet’s reaction—instead of getting angry, he took the lollipop out of his mouth and smiled broadly . . . wickedly. “Better this than the knife you’ve got.”

Bram stared at him, trying to decide if his instincts were right or if this was about to earn him another beatdown. Because Bram’s cock told him he wanted Sweet. He hadn’t noticed it inside while the smell of leather was panicking him, but now he was pretty sure Sweet noticed it too.

Shit. Suddenly, he felt too goddamned sober for this and completely out of practice . . . but his body knew exactly what to do as his hand palmed the back of Sweet’s neck, tugging him closer, diving straight into the possible death wish and exactly like his old self.

And Sweet? The guy was laying himself open to Bram, hand in his hair, the other hand on his hip, but Bram was the one crushing him with his weight, kissing him hard, making both of them breathless.

Neither of them complained. In fact, Sweet’s hand snaked from Bram’s hip to the front of his jeans, tugging his own pants open first, then Bram’s in order to palm both their cocks in his large, calloused hand.

“Fuck,” Bram groaned into Sweet’s mouth as the stroking intensified. He let his teeth drag along Sweet’s lower lip, almost bit him, and it made Sweet growl deep in his throat. His hips tilted, body arched as their dicks dragged together, all hot and silky with a little bit of slick.

His hands went to Sweet’s wide shoulders to gain some purchase and allow his hips to rock to Sweet’s rhythm while he let himself grow drunk on the man. “Harder. Faster,” he murmured into Sweet’s cheek before biting him on his exposed collarbone.

Sweet complied, hissing as Bram sucked hard where he’d bitten. “That’s good, baby.”

“Come on—want to come,” he instructed the motorcycle man he should be fucking running from instead of thinking about getting fucked.

But it felt good to feel in control, even though Bram knew he wasn’t controlling shit in this situation, including and especially not himself. Sweet allowed him to retain the pretension as the pleasure built up to unbearable levels, until his entire body was strung tight as a goddamned bow . . . until his balls pulled up and he shot with a shout against the hot skin of Sweet’s neck, coming all over Sweet’s hand.

Sweet came a second later, somehow still managing to half hold Bram up against him.

God, how long had it been? Months and months of his own hand, he realized as he tried to get his breathing under control. Because prospects in the Heathens fucked women—no bisexuals or gays allowed. So he’d turned himself into a goddamned monk—hence the nickname—and pretended he’d been wounded in battle so he didn’t have to fuck indiscriminately.

Although he loved women, he mostly missed the goddamned weight, the pressure and brute strength of a man on him. Sweet had given him everything he’d asked for.

And Bram wanted more. It didn’t matter that the alley was dark, empty. Menacing looking. Didn’t matter that they were alone, because Bram bet there was a guard at the door and another at the mouth of the alley.

Which meant Bram was locked in, pinned down with this big, leather-wearing, flashback-inducing, amazing-tongued biker. Bram’s way of surrendering. Putting himself in unsafe situations . . . seeing which way he came out. If he came out.

Near-death experiences had a way of fucking you up and letting you prove that you were over and over again. Self-preservation wasn’t on the invite list tonight, as evidenced by the fact that he was clinging to Sweet like the guy was a lover not a fuck, and hell, Bram had kissed him like that too. While he blinked and stared at Sweet, he realized Sweet was staring back at him in much the same way, a silent acknowledgment that something had clicked . . . and that both men hated that it had happened but planned on silently ignoring it.

And just like that, the feeling faded and the hair went up on the back of his neck. Sweet kept his eyes on Bram’s face as he asked, “Like what you see?”

Bram shifted and glanced over his shoulder as the bouncer named Grayson admitted, “Was trying for a piece of him before you walked in.”

“How’d that work for you?” Sweet asked as Grayson approached Bram from behind.

“Figured it’s working just fine now,” Grayson murmured as he sandwiched Bram between him and Sweet. Bram’s hands were still on Sweet, one on his neck and the other on his shoulder as Sweet’s hand dropped lower still, traveling along Bram’s hip to . . .

Fuck. Bram shuddered when Sweet cupped his cock again. Behind him, Grayson chuckled softly. The bouncer was definitely his type, but Sweet? More so. Rough and fierce, and Bram figured they’d be well matched in a fight. And Bram had been ready to fight for his life. Still was, but the thrill of the death-wish option? Still strong.

Sweet was in front of him, Grayson behind. Bram’s jeans were yanked down roughly by both men in tandem and then, in a quick, practiced move, their positions changed but Bram’s didn’t. Sweet was behind him, Grayson kneeling in front of him, Bram trapped between them still. His palms were on the concrete, his fingers scrabbling against the rough to try to remain planted—and he’d be falling if not for Sweet’s arms banded around his waist.

He heard the snap of a lube cap before Sweet’s fingers breached him, rough and practiced, and Bram hissed against the invasion while instinctively pushing back into it. He heard the rip of a condom wrapper, and that’s when he stopped thinking and just gave himself over to all of it.

Sweet shifted his grip, clutching Bram’s hips, pressing Bram’s body tight to his and Grayson’s unrelenting suck.

Sweet was big, and when his cock thrust up into Bram’s tight hole, Bram whimpered softly. That spurred Sweet to push harder, as if he knew Bram needed the pain, craved it. He was panting, hips pumping.

The bouncer was jacking him with his tongue and suction, playing with his balls, trapping him and taunting him in that quiet, dangerous alley with a quiet, even more dangerous man behind him, and Bram had never done anything this stupid when he was undercover.

But fuck, this was good. Better than. Between Grayson’s mouth, Sweet’s cock, and his ability to come more than once an hour, he was going to shoot harder than before.

He started shuddering in warning. Sweet murmured, “You can come in his mouth,” and Bram couldn’t have pulled out even if he’d wanted to—the bouncer wasn’t letting go as the spasms hit, jerking the heat from his body. It forced Sweet to slam up into him, his dick caught in the vise of Bram’s ass as it contracted from the orgasm, and Sweet put his head against the back of Bram’s neck and allowed Bram to milk him to a climax.

Bram closed his eyes as Sweet bit his neck hard enough to leave a mark, and yeah, he was focused on the sensations slamming him from all angles. He was vaguely aware that his legs would’ve buckled if Sweet hadn’t made sure to hold him carefully, that both men had waited for him, until he was able to wave off their offers to walk him back to the hotel . . . unable to shake the feeling that they watched him the entire time.

Chapter Two

Playing for the high one

The next morning, Bram was outside the bail bonds shop with its innocuous sign at exactly 9 a.m. He wanted to be the first one there, in and out, getting his information and then taking off to find Linc.

On waking, he’d been comfortably sore, oddly satiated and wound up all at once, and so he’d showered, checked out, shoved his bag into the trunk of his car and made the trip through the midsized city.

He didn’t want to think about how much danger he’d put himself in last night . . . or how much he’d liked it.

He was addicted to the adrenaline rush danger provided, a moth to a flame—danger gave him a bigger, better thrill than any high ever could, but he was an addict just the same. Sub out fucking an MC president in riding distance of the MC that nearly killed him and it was the same thrill.

In a lot of ways, Bram was way worse than Linc. Bram just happened to end up in a job that made his risk-taking seem legit instead of stupid crazy.

Of course, when Linc had pointed this out to him, Bram had scoffed. But really, his baby brother was a smart guy. Too smart to be wasting his life wandering around.

Now, he pulled the door of the shop open and a bell jangled. As he approached the counter, a man walked out of the back room. “Name’s Gypsy. How can I help you?”

He was big. Blond. Easygoing, or you’d be led to believe, but Bram knew better. “You contacted me about someone named Linc,” Bram started, but Gypsy cut him off by putting one hand up while he rifled in a drawer with the other before slapping a contract down on the counter between them and pointing to the bottom of the page.

It took Bram mere seconds to process what Gypsy was showing him, another few to piece together what happened. Having dealt with Linc since birth, it wasn’t that hard, and it was exactly what Bram had seen coming.

His forged signature was on Linc’s bond form, which also stated that Bram had put his house up as collateral. So Linc had attempted to forge Bram’s life away and instead of hanging around here and checking in, he’d run. “I didn’t sign this.”

Gypsy stared him down. “Not your signature?”

“Nope. And I have no idea who this Linc guy is.” He’d played this game before. It often suited the brothers to pretend they weren’t related. This time it was imperative. “Wouldn’t you have already met me when I signed this?”

“Maybe I told him it was okay with me for him to bring it in with your signature instead. But I talked to you on the phone. I recognize your voice.”

Bram groaned inwardly. Linc had learned to mimic his voice from an early age.

Gypsy continued, “You said you’d do anything to help—you even sent a picture of your license to show me the matching signature.”

At least they didn’t have the same last name—Bram had dropped his father’s years earlier. But it was time to push acting to award-winning levels. “This can’t be fucking happening to me.”

“So either you produce Linc . . .”

“I don’t know who he is.”

“Or you pay me,” Gypsy said in what was probably his most reasonable badass voice. A brow rose when Bram shook his head. “Or I take your house.”

“Don’t own one.” As Gypsy’s brow furrowed in confusion, Bram pointed to the address and mortgage information on the form. “I don’t own this house. My neighbor does. I rent it. This is forged.”

Gypsy folded his arms and looked pissed as hell. “How do I know you didn’t do that?”

“You’re the one who gave bond to a criminal and you’re asking me? I don’t have a record. My wallet was stolen last year, with my license in it.” Bram leaned on the counter and realized that Gypsy was selectively hiding Linc’s information, including his most current address, dammit. “Dude, I don’t owe you this money. Which is good since I don’t have it.”

Dude, I don’t care if you have to sell your ass to make the money.” Gypsy was staring at Bram in a way he knew all too well.

The bells attached to the front door jangled behind him and, judging by the look on Gypsy’s face, another badass had come in, and that was one too many.

He heard, “Problem?” and Bram called, “I’ve got this,” over his shoulder before the voice registered and the way-too-familiar graveled voice shot back, “No, you don’t, if he’s talking about selling your ass.”

Bram turned to see Sweet. Sweet. With the lollipop. And the leather rocker.

“I’d be buying,” Gypsy told them both, like he knew he was about to incite a riot and didn’t care.

“I’m out of here,” he announced.

“You can’t just fuckin’ leave,” Sweet told him.

As Bram stared between Gypsy and the man in black leather, he saw Gypsy narrow his eyes to stare purposely at the bite mark above the collar of his T-shirt . . . and then followed his gaze back to the almost matching one Sweet wore before suggesting to Bram, “You can work it off.”

Bram snorted. “Or you can find your own fucking skip before I turn you in for fraud.”

Gypsy slapped his hand on the paperwork. “Your signature. Your money. Pay up.”

“If I don’t, what’re you going to do? I don’t have this kind of money.” Granted, he did have it, in the form of a money order in his wallet, but he didn’t see the need to pay up before he’d learned anything. “Besides, I’d never have signed for him because I don’t fucking know anyone named Linc.”

“This was faxed back from your number.”

“I don’t care how he did it—I guess he’s a resourceful asshole.”

“True that,” Gypsy concurred under his breath.

“I’m not going to find him—do your job,” Bram said.

Sweet leaned against the counter and said thoughtfully, “As president of this MC, I’m telling you that you’re fucking with my club’s business. If I was a betting man, Bram, I’d say you do know Linc—maybe he’s an ex who did you wrong.”

Sweet’s words slowly filtered through Bram’s brain.

President of Havoc? Fuck me. Because Bram finally put two and two together. Gypsy the bounty hunter was part of the Havoc MC. Had to be, for Sweet to be invested in Bram’s business.

Fucking, fucking Linc. And fuck me for not noticing any of this last night.

Maybe he really did have a death wish . . . and more in common with Linc than he’d ever thought.

He took a breath and slid into his newest undercover role by impulse rather than design. Ah Christ, letting both men think he and Linc were an item wasn’t a bad way to go—especially because Bram wanted them off the track . . . but there was an unexpected flash of jealousy in Sweet’s eyes—so fast Bram would almost swear he’d made it up if it hadn’t made his belly flare with a pleasant heat.

But before Bram could do or say anything more, his phone buzzed in his pocket—his sup’s ringtone. “I’ve got to take this.”

Sweet nodded and moved away to give Bram privacy. Gypsy retreated to the backroom, Bram supposed for the same reasons, and he was damned grateful.

Granted, both men had also moved to block the exits. “Hey,” he said casually.

“Where are you?” Parisi demanded.

“Where I said I’d be,” Bram said automatically, which was a lie. Why he’d felt the need to do that—twice now—to Parisi, the man who had his back above all else, wasn’t something he could explain beyond a gut feeling. “What’s up?”

Parisi sighed. “There’s some chatter—”

“About me?”

“Heathens aren’t letting you go as easily as we thought,” Parisi admitted. “They’re searching.”

Bram’s blood chilled. “How hard?”

“I’ll play you the message.”

As Bram listened, the message from his undercover voice mail began, “You’re dead, fucker,” and went downhill fast from there with, “I don’t care if it takes the rest of my life. You killed my son. I’ll find you and I’ll make you pay. Best bet would be to kill yourself and take the easy way out.”

The messenger was Bones, XO of the Heathens MC and one of the meaner motherfuckers Bram had ever had the displeasure of meeting. He had no doubt Bones would live up to his rep—he’d never made a promise he hadn’t kept—and Bram had been there several times, forced to watch and not intervene as Bones made good on his threats.

“Thanks for that. Gotta go,” he told Parisi.

“Bram, you just lay low and try to relax. We’ll figure this out.”

“Right. Let me know when you do. I’m on vacation.” He ended the call and shoved the phone in his pocket, annoyed at how badly his hands shook.

Sweet was leaning against the front door, staring at him. “Rough call?”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Bram lied. He was good at it because he’d been doing it his entire life, but suddenly, he was goddamned exhausted. His doctors told him to take it easy. His sup told him to take a vacation.

And now, his home had been compromised. His cover might’ve been compromised—at the very least, the Heathens weren’t about to let him disappear off the ends of the earth. Hiding in Shades Run, with Havoc, seemed to be the best idea. But in order to do so, he’d have to at least admit one thing to Sweet about his identity.

Sweet had been fishing with the ex comment, and with that he’d given Bram the foundation for the idea that would help him stay off the Heathens’ radar. “So, about Linc? There’s been a misunderstanding.”

Sweet pushed off the door and came closer, but his guard was still completely up, evidenced by his next words. “Yeah? What’s that? Forgot you do know him after all?”

Bram admitted, “Linc’s my younger brother, Sweet.”

Sweet cursed, probably more so at being surprised than anything. “You look nothing alike.”

It was true—Linc was blond to Bram’s dark hair, and Bram was broader too. Swarthy, he’d been told, a rough, devilish look that always got him in trouble. Both he and Linc had a fluid sexuality, moving easily between women and men—it was all about pleasure. “Different fathers. But we grew up with our mom and Linc’s dad. So now that I know he’s missing, I’d appreciate it if you’d give me any info that could help me, and I’ll find him and bring him back.”

Sweet continued to stare at him, and Bram was left to wonder how deeply Gypsy dug into Linc’s family tree to search out other family. “As enlightening as all this is, I can’t let you leave. Especially now.”

“Can’t let me? I told you the fucking truth. You can’t hold me hostage,” Bram protested, but judging by the look in Sweet’s eyes, that wasn’t exactly the truth. And yes, Bram could easily overpower the two men—or make a damned good attempt to—but he had to be smart. Play it cool. Deal with his shit and Linc’s.

And save your ass.

Sweet stared at him. “Did Linc really forge your information on the bail bond?”

Bram nodded. “I haven’t been in touch with him for a month, and when I got all the messages, I figured I’d come and see what trouble he’d caused.”

“Does that happen a lot?”

“The trouble? Definitely. The out-of-touch part, not so much,” Bram told him honestly. “I know he liked being in Shades. He stayed put, and that’s not like him. So yeah, I was hoping you might be able to tell me what he was doing while he was here . . . if he might’ve been in trouble. Because it doesn’t seem like he’d leave willingly.”

Sweet shrugged. “Minor stuff with the law. No problems with our MC.”

That was vague. “But problems with another MC?”

“Minor stuff. It’s done.”

Shit. Bram forced himself not to react or ask anything more about the MC subject. He could get more out of Sweet—and he would—but this wasn’t the way. “Since I’m already checked out, you got any suggestions of places to stay besides that shitty motel?”

Sweet’s brows shot up. “No arguments about staying, then?”

“You said I couldn’t go anywhere,” Bram said easily, in keeping with his don’t have a care in the world bullshit. “Besides, I want to see if I can get Linc to come back here and do the right thing.”

That was definitely the right sentiment, because Sweet nodded. “What about work?”

“I’m on vacation.”


Bram gave a long-suffering sigh. “I’m in insurance. High-ticket items.”

Sweet narrowed his eyes slightly. “So you’re a hunter.”

“You could say that.”

“So if you’re so good at finding, why not Linc?”

Sweet was good. Bram was equally so, especially when it came to letting the truth leak through his cover. “Linc’s always been my kryptonite.”

Sweet nodded. “Fair enough. As for a place to stay, Gypsy’s got a loft above the shop. Head on up and let us figure this out.”

It might be as ominous as it sounded, but Sweet’s expression hadn’t changed. And staying here wouldn’t put Bram under Havoc’s protection, per se, but he’d be watched. Out of the frying pan and directly into the fire, but hell, he’d lived through worse.


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