Relationship Material

Relationship Material

Author: Jenya Keefe

It's not always possible to meet in the middle.

Registered nurse Evan Doyle doesn’t consider himself fit for more than occasional hookups. He has a good life, but the emotional aftermath of a horrific crime makes him feel too damaged to date. So when his sister’s hot bestie, Malcolm Umbertini, comes on to him, he turns him down flat. Mal is Relationship Material: the kind who thinks in the long term. What would Evan do with a man like that?

As a prosecuting attorney, Mal’s learned how to read people, and he knows there’s more to Evan than meets the eye. Mal has faced his own hardships since his family kicked him out as a teen, and he respects Evan’s courage and emotional resilience. More than that, he wants Evan—in his bed and in his life. But can he weather another rejection?

Both wary, they agree to a no-strings fling. Mal knows that Evan wants things to stay casual, but he’s falling in love a little more with each encounter. With health, happiness, and bruised hearts on the line, Mal and Evan must risk everything for love.

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Price: $3.99

Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes:

Child Abuse (past)
Drug Use (references to past interaction with drug users/drug dealers)
Emotional Abuse Explicit Violence (past)
Eating Disorder (past)
Non-Consent (Discussion of past incident)
Self-Harm (references)
Sexual Assault (Discussion of past assault) 

General Details

Word Count: ~62,000

Page Count: ~215

Cover By: L.C. Chase

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-62649-879-2

Release Date: 08/05/2019

Price: $3.99

Print Details

ISBN: 978-1-62649-902-7

Release Date: 08/05/2019

Price: $14.39