Any Cost (The Powers That Be, #2)

Any Cost (The Powers That Be, #2)

Author: Hazel Domain

Sometimes people are more monstrous than the monsters.

Micah and Dominic have a new roommate. Gestalt—the last survivor of the Hellfires’ desperate attempt to cover their tracks—has the wings of a raven and the personality of a feral cat. Powerful magic binds him, with no counterspell to be found. Gestalt would never ask Dominic or Micah for help, if the life force shared through their psychic link weren’t the only thing keeping him alive. That said, he finds some of the glimpses through that link quite interesting.

Micah isn’t used to having people in his head. His relationships are performances, his behavior tailored to whatever his audience requires. If Dominic finds out, he’ll want to meet the real Micah—the man behind the mask. Too bad Micah doesn’t know how to play that role.

Dominic has problems of his own. As the range of the Hellfires’ empire is revealed, he realizes how many cracks exist in a system he’s always trusted. With the pillars of his faith crumbling by the day, and his feelings for Micah and Gestalt growing by the night, he’s forced to decide just how far outside the system he’s willing to work.


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Part of the series: The Powers That Be
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Reader discretion advised. This title contains the following sensitive themes:

Drug Use (nonconsensual)

Dubious Consent

Emotional Abuse

Explicit Violence

Heavy Kink



Sexual Assault

General Details

Word Count: 77,800

Page Count: 268

Cover By: Simone

Series: The Powers That Be

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-963773-08-8

Release Date: 09/16/2024

Price: $4.99

Physical Editions

ISBN: 978-1-963773-03-3

Price: $17.99


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