Any Price (The Powers That Be, #1)

Any Price (The Powers That Be, #1)

Author: Hazel Domain

This deal comes with unspoken clauses.

Dominic Blackburn has a job no sane person wants: he makes things quit going bump in the night. Unfortunately, some monsters bump a little too hard for one man. In desperate need of backup, he buys the (suspiciously cheap) contract of an indentured—and gorgeous—man named Micah.

Micah’s paperwork says he’s a fighter, and he is. Kind of. He’d rather take a beating than dole one out. Good thing plenty of people are willing to pay for that. Micah’s a professional. Whatever his contract holders need—no matter how intimate—he delivers with his head held high. But Micah’s new holder seems content to leave most of his more specialized skills unused.

Micah’s not quite sure what to do, or not do, with Dominic, and the feeling is mutual. The more Dominic learns about Micah’s past, the less he wants to know. It soon becomes clear that Micah’s previous holders were involved in something sinister—and big. It’s up to Dominic and Micah to figure out how deep it goes, but getting eaten by a chupacabra is starting to sound more appealing.

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Part of the series: The Powers That Be
Price: $4.99
General Details

Word Count: 73,800

Page Count: 260

Cover By: Simone

Series: The Powers That Be

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-62649-999-7

Release Date: 07/15/2024

Price: $4.99

Physical Editions

ISBN: 978-1-963773-00-2

Price: $17.99


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