Bundle: Exalted: The Complete Collection

Bundle: Exalted: The Complete Collection

Author: Rachel White

The world of Lyr is changing, and with it the planet’s two peoples: the agricultural Adesi and the technological Jevites who live on mysterious citadels built by absent gods. And among the stars, ancient beings turn their eyes downward for the first time in a millennium.

For the Yy family—respectable Adesi winemakers—their simple lives are thrown into chaos as they are drawn into the turmoil around them. Now, one by one, they’ll have to contend with treason, family politics, cults, and the most dangerous and unpredictable thing of all: love.

This bundle includes all three titles! A savings of :

A Taste of Rebellion (Exalted, 1)

A Glimpse of Redemption (Exalted, 2)

The Call of Revolution (Exalted, 3)

Price: $7.99

This title comes with no special warnings.

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