Author: Rachel White

Rachel White was born and raised in L.A., California, but moved north for college. An avid reader for as long as she can remember, she started writing in high school and hasn’t stopped since. Her favorite genre is fantasy, but she’ll devour a good book no matter what shelf it belongs to.

Twitter: @rachelwhiteauth


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The Call of Revolution (Exalted, 3)
From $3.99
He could never accept his fate, but it will take both of them to change it. Iayan Yy-ren was born...
A Glimpse of Redemption (Exalted, 2)
From $3.99
A hated enemy becomes a lover . . . and the only path to redemption. It’s been a year since...
A Taste of Rebellion (Exalted, 1)
From $3.99
He’s ready to fight for his people, but will he fight for love? Since Rallis Yy’s homeland Adesa was invaded...
Bundle: Exalted: The Complete Collection
Ebook bundle     $7.99
The world of Lyr is changing, and with it the planet’s two peoples: the agricultural Adesi and the technological Jevites...
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