Perfect Kiss (A Perfect Match story)

Perfect Kiss (A Perfect Match story)

Author: AG Meiers

One kiss can change everything.

So far, Detective David Gallagher has managed to keep his private life . . . well, private. There has always been some gossip about his sexual orientation, but it’s nothing the even-tempered cop couldn’t handle. All that changes in a flash when a new fire inspector joins his task force. With a few unfortunate remarks, the openly gay Travis Sommer outs David in a bar filled with their colleagues. Suddenly David can’t even get coffee without people whispering. To make matters worse, the two men have to work together for months to bring down a dangerous arsonist.

Finally, the case is closed. It’s New Year’s Eve—perfect time for a new start, but David’s anger burns as hot as ever. Rumors have reached his family, and after a tough day, David is ready to blow off some steam. But all bets are off when he runs into the one man who seems determined to cause havoc in David’s life.

There is just something about Travis Sommer that makes it hard to stay away, and David has to decide if he wants to hold on to his anger or give the new year a chance.

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General Details

Word Count: ~21,000

Cover By: L.C. Chase

Universe: Perfect Match

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-62649-923-2

Release Date: 12/23/2019

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