Series: Demons of Elysium

Author: Jane Kindred

Elysium’s Demon District is a hotbed of rebellion. While some in Raqia resist supernal rule, one fiery masochist in particular rails against the discipline he craves. Gruff firespirit Vasily is new to submission, but for Belphagor, dominance is second nature—and he’s more than happy to show Vasily the ropes. A master of the game of wingcasting—Raqia’s answer to poker—Belphagor is used to thinking only of his next conquest, but falling for Vasily is liable to upend all the tables.

It’s only when angels get involved that things start going to hell.

From gambling houses to brothels and from Heaven to a little place called Russia in the world of Man, Belphagor and Vasily may spark a revolution—or maybe just conquer each other’s hearts.

The Demons of Elysium stories are best enjoyed in series order:

  1. Prince of Tricks


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