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Find bundles of these books in 2-, 3-, 5-, and 10-packs at steep discounts so you can buy one for yourself and a friend, or buy a bunch for a book club reading!


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Frat Boy and Toppy - Paperback Bundle Discounts
From $8.99
Brad is great at meeting other people’s expectations. But his own? Not so much. Take the gay thing. Okay, so...
Free Falling - Paperback Bundle Discounts
From $8.99
Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all. Blue is a thief who lives for adrenaline and...
Static - Paperback Bundle Discounts
From $8.99
After two years together, Alex has been dreading the inevitable moment when Damon learns the truth: that Alex is a...
Starstruck (A Bluewater Bay Story) - Paperback Bundle Discounts
From $12.99
Hollywood is full of dirty secrets, but Carter refuses to be Levi’s. Retired action star Levi Pritchard has made a...