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Lock, Stock and Peril (Lindenshaw Mysteries, #6)
From $4.99
They may be locked down but this case isn’t. Lockdown is stressful enough for Chief Inspector Robin Bright. Then a...
Sundays with Oliver (Hearts & Crafts, 1)
From $4.99
Two empty-nesters. Two bruised hearts. One chance to make things right. Oliver expected to miss his daughter when she left...
Bundle: Exalted: The Complete Collection
Ebook bundle     $7.99
The world of Lyr is changing, and with it the planet’s two peoples: the agricultural Adesi and the technological Jevites...
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The Call of Revolution (Exalted, 3)
From $3.99
He could never accept his fate, but it will take both of them to change it. Iayan Yy-ren was born...
King of Thieves (Demons of Elysium, #2)
From $4.99
There are worse things to lose than a good name. Belphagor is used to being on top—at the gaming table...
From $3.99
Love is worth a galaxy of trouble. Pann is a teeming city on the edge of habitable space, the final...
A Teaspoon of Desire
From $3.99
As the competition heats up, these men need a recipe for romance.Tristan Delgado has talent. How else could he have...
The Secrets We Keep
From $3.99
A standalone Love We Find novel. A first love. A weighty secret.  One last chance to make it right. Adam...
Worth Trying
From $3.99
A standalone Without Precedent novel. No strings attached is easier, until love tangles things. Privileged playboy Innes Kent has been...
Big Paperback Bundle Blowout!
Default Title     $49.00
For just $49, you can get SIX copies of each of the four books below. Great for reading groups, libraries,...
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Blind Date With a Book - Paperback Clearance
From $4.99
For just $4.99, you'll get a randomly selected paperback from the genre of your choice! No duplicates if you order...
3-Pack Surprise Clearance Paperback Bundle
Print     $9.95
For just $9.95, you'll get three randomly selected books from the list below! No duplicates!*  ***U.S. Shipping Only - included...
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