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Bundle: The Flesh Cartel: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $16.99
Sublime service, made to order. The Flesh Cartel: an international, multi-billion-dollar black market that trades in lost souls. Or more...
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Bundle: The Hell or High Water Collection
Ebook Bundle     $14.99
Extreme Escapes, LTD recruits only the best mercenaries for its black ops missions. Prophet — former SEAL, former CIA, current...
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The Flesh Cartel #16: To the Victor
Ebook     $2.99
In the exciting final season of the Flesh Cartel . . . With the help of the FBI, Mat Carmichael...
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Bundle: Regency Reimagined: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $9.98
Regency Reimagined invites you to enter a sensual realm that defies the rules of polite society, where convent girls are...
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Bundle: Murmur Inc.: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $7.99
Murmur Inc.—one of L.A.’s premier adult entertainment companies—prides itself on delivering sex that’s not only hot but high-quality. For decades,...
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Master of the Game (Demons of Elysium, #3)
Ebook     $4.99
Love is the ultimate game changer, and this time it’s winner takes all.Now that Vasily is back in his arms,...
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Guided by the Wind
Ebook     $4.99
A path through hell is their only way toward a future together.Star leads a dangerous life. Beneath the brutal sun,...
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