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Bundle: Belladonna Ink: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $8.99
Belladonna Ink is the hottest female-centric tattoo parlor in Southern California. It doesn’t matter if you’re cis, trans, het, gay,...
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Bundle: Assassins: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $6.69
Inside the lives of trained assassins, you'll find tension, drama, and ... romance Follow Kindra's journey as she deals with...
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Bundle: Ringside Romance: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $9.99
Deep in the heart of Toronto lies Ringside Gym. Once a safe haven for troubled teens, Ringside has gone derelict,...
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Bundle: Porthkennack: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $27.50
Welcome to Porthkennack, a charming Cornish seaside town with a long and sometimes sinister history. Legend says King Arthur's Black...
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Bundle: Seven of Spades: The Complete Collection
Ebook     $19.99
Las Vegas has never seen a serial killer like the Seven of Spades. The self-styled vigilante is on a mission...
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Bundle: Dancing with the Lion: The Complete Collection
Ebook     $8.99
Before he became Alexander the Great, he was Alexandros, teenage son of the king of Makedon. But rather than enjoying...
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Bundle: Supernatural Selection: The Complete Collection
Ebook     $8.99
Are you a shifter who’s lost faith in fated mates? A vampire seeking a Second Life companion? Or perhaps you’re...
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Bundle: Murmur Inc.: The Complete Collection
Ebook Bundle     $7.99
Murmur Inc.—one of L.A.’s premier adult entertainment companies—prides itself on delivering sex that’s not only hot but high-quality. For decades,...
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Bundle: Art Medium: The Complete Collection
From $4.99
Artists use all manner of materials to express their vision, to interpret the world around them, to affect the hearts...
Bundle: The Plumber's Mate Mysteries 1-4 Collection
Bundle     $11.96
A plumber with a hidden talent and an ex–school bully who’s trying to atone for his past. This unlikely crime-solving...
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Bundle: Shamwell Tales Collection
Ebook     $9.99
Welcome to Shamwell! A sleepy rural village in Hertfordshire, England, it’s the perfect place to move to for a little...
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Bundle: The Root Code Collection
Ebook Bundle     $4.99
The future isn’t an easy place to live. Humanity is split into two warring factions: one is determined to bring...
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