For your edification, we herein present the tales of Prosperity: diverting, thrilling, and instructive stories for gentlemen and ladies of discerning temperament and sound constitution.

Inspired by true events that took place between the Great Phlogiston Rush of 1855 and the cataclysmic eruption that tore open the skies above England a decade later, this sensational collection chronicles the escapades of criminals, buccaneers, preachers, aethermancers, and madmen. Also a woman.

Airships! Skytowns! Krakens! Adventure! Danger! Passion!

Plus sundry educational notes and moral lessons.

While the stories are numbered in suggested reading order, all books but #1 (Prosperity) can be read out of order without affecting the reading experience. There Will Be Phlogiston may also be read first. However, for maximum enjoyment, we strongly recommend you read Prosperity first, then pick and choose as suits your tastes.