The Root Code Collection

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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pdf, mobi, html, epub
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The future isn’t an easy place to live. Humanity is split into two warring factions: one is determined to bring all of human-explored space under its control, and the other travels the stars in massive homeships, carrying with them the ancient stories and traditions their foes have rejected.

On the sparsely populated frontier, renegades, bounty hunters, and pirates maintain their own rule of law. Government is nonexistent. Ethics are a luxury. Greed is the order of the day.

And on the worlds unexplored by humankind lurk wonders and dangers beyond imagining.

One thing you can say for the galaxy, regardless of which faction you’ve chosen: life there is never boring.

Fall and Rising

Fall and Rising, by Sunny Moraine
Print release: 08/31/2015
eBook release: 08/31/2015
Word count: 113,900
Page count: 432
Warnings: This title comes with no special warnings.

Sword and Star (Root Code, #3)

Sword and Star by Sunny Moraine
Print release: 05/23/2016
eBook release: 05/23/2016
Word count: 109,000
Page count: 408

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