Art Medium: The Complete Collection

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Monday, June 18, 2018
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pdf, mobi, html, epub
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Monday, February 12, 2018
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Artists use all manner of materials to express their vision, to interpret the world around them, to affect the hearts and minds of their audience.

But what if the artist himself were the medium? And what if artistic inspiration weren’t the only force at work?

If painter Stefan Cobbe and art investigator Luke Morganstern don’t answer those questions fast, they stand to lose their reputations, their relationship—and their lives.

Publisher’s note: Book 1 is a heavily revised and significantly expanded reprint while book 2 is a first edition.

The Artist's Touch (Art Medium, #1)

The Artist's Touch by E.J. Russell
eBook release: 02/12/2018
Word count: 31,400
Page count: 132
Warnings: This title comes with no special warnings.

Tested in Fire (Art Medium, #2)

Test in Fire by E.J. Russell
eBook release: 04/02/2018
Word count: 52,000
Page count: 206
Warnings: emotional abuse
Spoilery warnings (click to read):

sex in someone else's body without their consent