May Peterson

Associate Editor

When May was a teenager, she decided that she absolutely hated the romance genre, and resolved to stick with her original passion: fantasy. However, years later when she discovered queer romance, everything changed. She found that she doesn’t hate romance—she LOVES it. She’s a big, sloppy romance fan, and couldn’t be happier about it. That makes two genres of eternal devotion! Now May spends most of her time writing really queer stuff—and now, to her delight, editing really queer stuff, too.

May’s editorial background is as a freelancer, providing critique and developmental work with a focus on queer representation and characters, including for authors such as the award-winning KJ Charles. She’s also had the honor of the mentorship of the estimable Sarah Lyons. She lives, eats, and breathes story structure so thoroughly that she sometimes awakes in the middle of the night, sensing impending plot devices.

May is also a writer, blogger, and advocate for gender, sexuality, and queer issues, particularly as they pertain to fiction and popular consciousness. Among her many goals in life is to bring trans representation to greater light, and to help writers across the world understand how to write—and how NOT to write—a trans character.