Kelly H.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Kelly’s degree in journalism and mass communication still comes in handy quite often, despite having been earned in the era of column inches and paste-up rooms. Her vehement impatience with overblown writing and meaningless jargon, honed by 20+ years of appeasing cigar-smoking news editors, tightly-wound corporate attorneys, and clients who can only specify what they don’t want, recently led her to pursue a different career.

Somewhere along the way, Kelly managed to acquire some impressively geeky knowledge of websites, content management systems, and user-centered design, and she’s been known to spend hours enthralled by a metadata spreadsheet.

Kelly gleefully reads everything from preachy inspirationals to extremely kinky BDSM, and her appreciation of a sappy happy ending is deep and timeless (especially when the characters might not be allowed to have one in the real world). Her personal goal is to write a book review so eloquent and entertaining that the author will immediately catapult to the top of every bestseller list—or be shamed into renouncing bad metaphors, bad history, and bad sex.

Beyond her hard-won skills at streamlining user interfaces and frightening her therapist by actually admitting what’s on her Kindle, Kelly’s biggest accomplishment to date has been successfully completing an 11-day Route 66 road trip without abandoning her children in a motel room shaped like a teepee.

Kelly is responsible for ensuring smooth, timely, and error-free relations with Riptide's many vendor-partners, as well as for processing author royalty reports. In addition, Kelly provides research, technical, and other administrative support to all departments.