Illustrator / Cover Designer

Imaliea is an Aussie artist and designer. From an early age she has loved to draw and paint people, beginning with Disney-like and anime characters and finally settling into a realistic style. Now she enjoys both creating original artwork and painting portraits, with the human figure (only sometimes including angel wings) always the main feature of her work.

A bit of a geek from a young age, she’s always been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi as well as ancient mythology and classic fairy tales, which has had quite an influence on her art. She’s an avid reader – if she hasn’t got a pen in hand, there's a book there instead – reading anything from elaborate sci-fi to psychological thrillers to biographical non-fiction.

Her guilty pleasure is painting fan-art of some of her favorite TV series – which is why you’ll find quite a few portraits of a certain ‘Supernatural’ star in her gallery.

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Covers by Imaliea: