Sensitivity Readers

Primary Duties: 
SRs will read manuscripts with an eye toward any potentially inaccurate, inauthentic, insulting, misrepresentative, harmful, or *-ist themes, phrases, or actions in the text.
Required Skills: 
This is an entry-level position with no developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, or proofreading involved and thus no experience required in those areas. Sensitivity readers MUST be a part of the culture(s) or identity/identities they are reading for. Beyond this and the ability to express your thoughts via the written word, there are no requirements or prerequisites. You can be living anywhere in the world, and will work from home.
Required Experience: 
We need readers in all areas of racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, sexual and gender orientation, and mental and physical illnesses and disabilities. Please note that all of our books are LGBTQ+, and because intersectionality is so important, we will prioritize readers who share the intersectionalities they’re reading for. That being said, we will absolutely consider (and have in the past hired) non-LGBTQ+ readers for select manuscripts. No other experience is required. We seek only the knowledge gained from your own life experiences.
Pay is $1.50 per 1000 words. The average SR is able to read and comment as necessary on about 10,000 words per hour, and thus makes about $15 an hour. We recognize that this is not always the case, especially for some neurodivergent or visually impaired readers, so when we hire SRs with those backgrounds, we can individually discuss different methods of calculating pay.
SRs must be of legal working age in their jurisdiction. If you are a minor in your jurisdiction, we will require parental permission along with your application.
How to Apply: 

In order to be added to the database for potential readers, you need to fill out the following application (click here).

Application Email: