Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water, #1)

Cutie and the Beast (Fae Out of Water, #1)

Author: E.J. Russell

Temp worker David Evans has been dreaming of Dr. Alun Kendrick ever since that one transcription job for him, because holy cats, that voice. Swoon. So when his agency offers him a position as Dr. Kendrick’s temporary office manager, David neglects to mention that he’s been permanently banished from offices. Because, forgiveness? Way easier than permission.

Alun Kendrick, former Queen’s Champion of Faerie’s Seelie Court, takes his job as a psychologist for Portland’s supernatural population extremely seriously. Secrecy is paramount: no non-supe can know of their existence. So when a gods-bedamned human shows up to replace his office manager, he intends to send the man packing. It shouldn’t be difficult—in the two hundred years since he was cursed, no human has ever failed to run screaming from his hideous face.

But cheeky David isn’t intimidated, and despite himself, Alun is drawn to David in a way that can only spell disaster: when fae consort with humans, it never ends well. And if the human has secrets of his own? The disaster might be greater than either of them could ever imagine.



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General Details

Word Count: 76,300

Page Count: 303

Cover By: Lou Harper

Series: Fae Out of Water

Ebook Details

ISBN: 978-1-62649-599-9

Release Date: 07/22/2017

Price: $3.99

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ISBN: 978-1-62649-600-2

Release Date: 07/24/2017

Price: $14.39