Frequently Asked Questions - All About Audio and Translation

For some titles, yes, and this is an area we're actively expanding. We've licensed a number of titles to dedicated audiobook publishers such as Audible Studios, and for those titles, we have no control over release dates, narrators, promotional copies, or any other production issues. Other titles we produce in-house (our in-house audio program began in November of 2015), and for those titles, we have full control over production and marketing.

We do not automatically produce all titles as audiobooks, but we're aiming to ramp up production considerably over the next few years. Meanwhile, our audio rights are represented by the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, who is hard at work finding the best audiobook publishers to produce the titles we can't produce in-house.

Some are, yes! However, because we wish to ensure the highest possible quality of translation, we do not produce these titles in-house. Rather, we license the translation rights to publishers all over the world, where the titles are then translated into native languages and released through the licensing publisher's imprint. This means we're unable to sell translations of our titles on our site, as we don't own the rights to the translated versions. But we'll always announce new translation deals in our newsletter, and we'll do our best to maintain an archive of links to available translations for those who want them.

Interested in licensing translation rights to our titles? Please contact our subrights agent, Ethan Ellenberg.

Sadly, this is a question we cannot answer. It's up to each individual audio or foreign-language publisher who licenses the rights to our titles. But the first translations of Riptide titles became available in 2013, and the first audio versions of Riptide books released in 2015.

If you are an experienced professional translator working in tandem with an experienced professional editor, please visit our profile at BabelCube to see which titles are available for royalty-share translation.