Frequently Asked Questions - All About Art Items

We do! Posters, fine art prints, and fun stuff like mugs, puzzles, and mouse pads. We utilize a third-party website, DeviantArt, to display, create, sell, and ship those items on our behalf. You can see our gallery of available art here. Click on any illustration to see purchase options for that individual art, or visit our prints shop here to see purchase options by item type (poster, mug, etc.).

This is a legal licensing issue. While we own the copyright for all of our hand-drawn covers, we do not own the copyright for our photo covers. Since we're only licensing the photos on our photo covers for specific, limited use, we're not able to make those covers available as merchandise.

Probably not, no. We don't have the shipping facilities for processing delicate items, so we'd rather trust to the experts who handle this sort of merchandise on a daily basis.

No. Since the art items are sold entirely offsite by a third-party vendor who merely pays us a small royalty for the right to do so, we cannot award Bonus Bucks for those purchases.

Indeed! Buying prints of the art you love is a great way to help support your favorite authors.

Base prices equal to the amount the vendor (DeviantArt) keeps on every sale are set by DeviantArt. We then add a small additional cost to allow for a profit for publisher and author. For most items, our share of the sale price is between 20% and 30% of the price you pay. While this means that DeviantArt is making the vast majority of the profit on each sale, they've certainly earned it; they're handling item manufacture, ordering, payment processing, shipping, and customer service on our behalf.

It's certainly possible! Keep in mind that commissioning a painting is very expensive, so we're unlikely to do one unless it seems there's sufficient demand for art items with that character. If there's something you'd like to see, let us know at

We aim to provide you with as many options as we possibly can. This means that whenever possible, we let you choose from the full-wrap art (front cover, back cover, and spine), the front cover art with the typography, and the front cover art without the typography. (We don't make available the full wrap art with the typography because it would look very unbalanced.) It's up to you which version you'd like. Some folks want a poster of the book cover exactly how it appears on the book itself, and some folks just want to admire the beautiful painting without any of the text on it. We want you to be able to choose the version that makes you the happiest.

No. The watermark on the sample image is there to protect our intellectual property, but it will absolutely not show up on your ordered items.

Two ways. You can visit our DeviantArt gallery (all paintings in the gallery are available for sale), or you can go directly to a specific book's art by clicking on the "Posters & More!" link beneath the buying options on the individual title's book page. Please note that visiting our gallery will take you offsite to a third-party vendor (DeviantArt) who manages all our art orders on our behalf.

If it's a question about finding, ordering, paying for, shipping, or returning art items, please visit DeviantArt's print service FAQ.

Otherwise, please email