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All About Ebooks

What is an e-book?

An ebook is an electronic version of a book. You can download ebooks to your personal computer, smartphone, or handheld reading device.

Why would I want to buy an electronic version of a book?

Ebooks are typically a little less expensive, because even though the bulk of production expenses remain (editing, layout, cover art, royalties, etc.), there are no printing, shipping, or storage costs.

Also, ebooks last forever—no need to worry about breaking the spine or wearing out your favorite read.

They also offer instant gratification. Read an interesting blurb? Buy it now and you can be reading it in 60 seconds!

Lastly, ebooks are hugely convenient. You can purchase them from almost any computer or reading device and carry hundreds of books with you anywhere you go on a device the size of a paperback.

What file formats do you offer?

Nearly all of our titles are available in PDF, mobi, epub, and html (some free titles are only available in PDF), and when you make a purchase, you gain access to all four file formats. So if you switch devices in future, simply come back to our site and re-download your titles in the appropriate format. Not sure which format you need? Read all about them here

How do I know which ebook format to purchase?

One of the benefits of buying directly through the Riptide site is access to multiple file formats: nearly all of our ebooks are available in mobi, epub, PDF, and html, and when you purchase a title, you can download your preferred format at any time. So, which format for which device? Here are some common ones:

For iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users: ePub (Open e-book) is the format of choice. You can download Stanza, which will allow you to read e-books on your desktop (Mac or PC), iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad here (it’s free!).

For Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and Android/Aldiko users: ePub is the format of choice.

For Kindle, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Windows CE, or EPOC users: The file of choice is mobi or prc. You can also read PDFs on your Kindle, but we don’t recommend it.

For Windows PC, Windows Tablet, or Mac users: We recommend PDF. To read PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader here (it’s free!).

How do you determine word and page counts?

Word counts are more or less exact counts (rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand words, length depending) of the story text itself, excluding any front or back matter such as the copyright page or the author's biography. Page counts are the exact number of pages in the title's PDF file, including front and back matter. When you see the ~ symbol before word or page numbers, that means the counts are approximate because we've not yet completed the editing and/or layout process on that title.

Can I share my ebooks with others?

Please don't. All of our books are protected by copyright and should not be copied without permission. Remember, you are purchasing one copy for your own personal use, so if you’d like to share an ebook with others, please purchase an additional copy or copies; we even offer a handy gifting feature that allows you to send ebooks to a friend with just a few clicks.

It's true that re-use or re-distribution of ebooks in part or whole is against the law, but then, so is slurping your soup in New Jersey. The real reason it's so important not to share ebooks is because it takes money out of our authors' pockets (and in general, authors do not have deep pockets to start with; most authors need to work a full-time job in addition to writing to pay the bills), which makes it harder, if not impossible, for them to keep dedicating the hundreds of hours per book it takes to write new stories for you to enjoy. If you enjoy an author's work, please support them by making legal purchases, and they in turn will joyfully support your reading habit :-)

All About Paperbacks

If I order a paperback through Riptide, how long will it take to arrive?

This depends on where you live. Most titles shipped domestically will arrive in one to two weeks. Shipping to Canada or Mexico typically takes two to three weeks. Standard shipping to other parts of the world can be regretfully slow because our printer is only in the United States; it may be up to 35 business days for a title to arrive to the Pacific Rim, for example. For faster shipping, please select the priority option at checkout; this typically shortens international shipping to about a week, and domestic shipping to a few days.

Keep in mind that if you've pre-ordered a book, it may not ship until its release date, although we'll do our best to ship pre-ordered titles early enough to arrive on or near the release date.

If you order a paperback/ebook combo, you'll receive the ebook immediately to tide you over while you wait for your paperback.

Please note that if you purchase pre-order and currently-released paperbacks in the same order, all items will be held to ship together when the last pre-ordered item releases. If you'd like your currently-released paperbacks sooner, please place a separate order for them.

If I order a print/ebook combo, will I be charged shipping for one book or two?

Just one--you only incur a shipping fee for the paperback. As always, there is no shipping fee for ebooks, and you can access your ebook immediately on or after the title's release date.

Will I be charged shipping for ebooks if I order ebooks and paperbacks together?

Absolutely not. Ebooks, as always, do not incur shipping costs and you will be able to access and read them immediately while your paperbacks are being shipped.

If I pre-order a print/ebook combo, will I earn one or two entries into the Free Books for a Year contest?

Two! When you pre-order the print/ebook combo for an upcoming release, you'll earn two chances to win every single book we release for a year.

Can I gift a paperback to a friend?

Absolutely! During checkout, simply enter the name and address of the person you wish to mail the paperback(s) to. No prices or purchase information are listed on the invoice included with the shipped book(s), so you don't need to worry about them knowing how much you paid for it. (Unfortunately, we also cannot include a gift message on the invoice.)

Remember, if you're ordering paperbacks for more than one person (yourself and a friend, multiple friends, etc.), you'll need to place a separate order for each address you're shipping to. We're unable to split single orders across multiple addresses.

Do I earn Bonus Bucks on paperbacks?

Absolutely! The Bonus Bucks program works for print books just like it does for ebooks, meaning every paperback you buy earns you credit for future purchases.

If I pre-order a paperback, when will it ship?

Pre-ordered paperbacks will ship no later than the official release date. If the paperback is ready early enough, we'll ship it to arrive on or slightly before the official release date.

I've purchased a currently-released paperback and a pre-order paperback in the same order. When will my order ship?

Your order will ship in its entirety when the last pre-ordered title in the order is released. If you'd like to receive your currently-released paperbacks sooner, please place a separate order for your pre-order paperback(s).

Do you sell your paperbacks at a discount?

Yes. All paperbacks onsite are at least 20% off, and all paperback + ebook combos are at least 30% off.

I have a coupon. Does it work for paperbacks too?

If your coupon is store-wide, then yes. If it's product-specific, you'll need to check the text on the coupon.

Do you take returns?

No. However, if your book arrived damaged or misprinted, or you received the wrong item, we will happily replace it if you notify us within a week of receipt.

All About Serial Fiction

What's a serial story?

Think of a serial like a TV show with an overarching arc, such as the X-Files or Lost. Like TV series that are divided into episodes and seasons, a serial story will be divided into novelette- or novella-sized sections released at regular intervals, like once a week or once a month.

Some series are only one season long (stories that span one novel), and some are multiple seasons long (stories that span many novels). Series (and serials) that feature multiple seasons (multiple novels) tend to have both seasonal arcs and overall series arcs: stories whose threads are tied in one season (one novel), and stories whose threads aren’t tied until the series is complete.

Of course, each episode within a season has its own arc too, but those arcs are often much smaller and simpler and cannot generally stand alone. They’ll also often end on a cliffhanger or a note of suspense regarding the season and/or series arc.

How are serial stories different from a regular series?

In some ways, it’s very similar to a series. To use our television show analogy, a book series is like a TV series, and each title in that series is like a complete season of the television show. Serialization takes this one step further by breaking up each season into multiple episodes. However, not all serialized stories will feature multiple seasons.

Why serialize a story?

There are many reasons to serialize a story. Some stories are best suited to being digested in small bites, such as very intense stories or deeply erotic ones. Serializing such stories gives the reader time to come up for air, so to speak.

Serializing also lets a reader truly savor the reading experience. Many readers “gorge” on great books, plowing through them all in one or two large sittings because they’re so deeply engaged. As with episodic TV, if you follow a serial as it’s released, you can satisfy your hunger one episode at a time, but won’t gorge. Even better, you know there’s another great episode waiting for you next week or next month—a delicious treat delivered to your inbox at regular intervals. Of course, if you’d prefer to read them all at once, you can always purchase the serial when it’s complete—sometimes there’s no greater pleasure in life than watching eight seasons of the X-Files in three weeks ;-)

Serializing also heightens anticipation. Having to wait to see what happens next—but not wait too long—is its own delicious torture, and a type of delight in which many readers revel. Anticipation can deeply heighten the reading experience when the new episode is finally released.

Lastly, serializing gives the reader time to reflect on what they’ve read before moving forward to the next piece. More time for contemplation results in a deeper, richer reading experience, and one the reader is much less likely to forget.

But isn't serialized fiction more expensive?

It can be, but we’ve taken great care to offer buying options that won’t cost you so much as an extra penny. We’ve bundled our serialized titles together into collections by “season” (one complete book’s worth of “episodes”), and they’re priced by word count, just like all our other titles. So even if a 80,000-word season is broken into four episodes at $2.99 per episode, you can purchase the complete season for the same $8.99 the story would’ve been if it hadn’t been serialized. However, these bundle deals are available onsite only; on third-party sites like, episodes must be purchased individually.

Individual episodes are only available as ebooks, but complete seasons will often be available as paperback books as well. These will release a short time after the completion of an entire season or series, and some may contain bonus content or additional artwork. Many readers enjoy subscribing to the serial’s ebook titles as they release, and then purchasing a paperback copy at the conclusion of the serial—just as you might watch a TV show as it airs, and then later buy the DVD box set.

How can I buy an episode, season, or series?

Individual episodes can be purchased in ebook anywhere our books are sold at $2.99 per episode. This is $1 cheaper than our standard price point for stories of that length—our way of ensuring the affordability of complete serialized seasons, no matter where you prefer to shop.

Complete seasons can be purchased in ebook bundles at the Riptide website only (you can find them listed with our other collection bundles), though some may be released at various third-party sites several months after the completion of the season. Seasons are priced based on word count, just like our non-serialized fiction. So even though a season may contain four individual 20,000-word episodes priced at $2.99 apiece (for a total of $11.97, in this example), subscribing to the whole season via the Riptide website would cost you only $8.99. Subscribing to an entire season generally results in a fairly large discount over purchasing episodes individually.

You can buy a complete season onsite at any time, either by pre-ordering (subscribing to the season before it’s been released or before it’s complete), or ordering once the whole season is finished. If you pre-order, you’ll receive each individual episode two days before its official release day. If you buy the whole season after its completion, you’ll have access to all season episodes at once as a collection of instant downloads. If you subscribe to a season midway through the season, already-released episodes will be available to you as instant downloads, and forthcoming episodes will be available to you two days earlier than their official release date.

Completed seasons may also be made available in paperback, which you can buy anywhere our books are sold. Print versions of seasons will only be released after the entire ebook season is complete.

Generally speaking, there is no way to buy a complete series in a single purchase. Like non-serialized book series, each complete title within the series is sold individually. However, we may run onsite specials from time to time where we bundle all series of a season together into one purchase. 

Is there any benefit to buying episodes as they release, rather than waiting until the season or series is done?

This is largely a matter of personal taste. If you wish to savor and enjoy the anticipation, buy them as they release. If you love the authors and can’t bear to wait a year to start reading the story, buy them as they release.

If you cannot bear cliffhangers, you may wish to wait until the entire story is complete—or at least an entire season—and buy them then.

Whatever you decide, we strongly recommend you buy them onsite to enjoy the season discount.

How do I know the serial will be completed?

Riptide won’t publish any episodes in a season until the entire season is written. This way, we can guarantee the availability of a complete novel.

However, like many a television show and book series, sometimes things are canceled before their overall conclusion. If this happens with our serial fiction, the overall series arc may never reach its full potential, but all episode and seasonal arcs will be neatly wrapped, and you’ll end your read feeling as satisfied as you would have with any other book with which you hope for but do not necessarily expect a sequel.

That being said, our serial authors are contractually obligated to deliver a pre-set number of seasons. Sometimes events may conspire to make this impossible or to make a season unexpectedly late (death, illness, “acts of god,” etc.), but by and large you can be assured that a serial begun is a serial completed. After all, Riptide staffers all know well the frustration of starting a brilliant episodic story in fandom and then discovering it was never finished. We’ve designed our serial contracts to prevent that from happening here.

How many episodes are in a season, and how long is each season?

This varies from book to book. Some seasons may consist of as few as one episode, some as many as eight or more; it all depends on where the natural conclusion to the season arc falls. On average, however, an episode in a serial story will be 15,000 to 20,000 words (roughly 55 to 75 pages), and an average season will consist of three to five episodes.

When will each episode and season release?

This varies from serial to serial, but release dates for each episode are always clearly posted on the season collection page, as well as on the individual episode pages. Most seasons will feature one episode per month, so the average season will run three to five months long.

As with TV, there may be a “summer break” (or a fall or winter or spring break, depending on the timing of the release) between the prior season and the new season, but many will release one season after the other with no interruption.

And as always, if you pre-order your season subscription through our website, you’ll receive your episodes two days before they’re available anywhere else.

All About Art Items

Do you sell posters of your cover art?

We do! Posters, fine art prints, and fun stuff like mugs, puzzles, and mouse pads. We utilize a third-party website, DeviantArt, to display, create, sell, and ship those items on our behalf. You can see our gallery of available art here. Click on any illustration to see purchase options for that individual art, or visit our prints shop here to see purchase options by item type (poster, mug, etc.).

Why isn't all your cover art available in your prints shop?

This is a legal licensing issue. While we own the copyright for all of our hand-drawn covers, we do not own the copyright for our photo covers. Since we're only licensing the photos on our photo covers for specific, limited use, we're not able to make those covers available as merchandise.

Will you ever sell your art items directly through your website?

Probably not, no. We don't have the shipping facilities for processing delicate items, so we'd rather trust to the experts who handle this sort of merchandise on a daily basis.

Do I earn Bonus Bucks on my art item purchases?

No. Since the art items are sold entirely offsite by a third-party vendor who merely pays us a small royalty for the right to do so, we cannot award Bonus Bucks for those purchases.

Does the author earn royalties on my art item purchases?

Indeed! Buying prints of the art you love is a great way to help support your favorite authors.

How do you set the prices on your art items?

Base prices equal to the amount the vendor (DeviantArt) keeps on every sale are set by DeviantArt. We then add a small additional cost to allow for a profit for publisher and author. For most items, our share of the sale price is between 20% and 30% of the price you pay. While this means that DeviantArt is making the vast majority of the profit on each sale, they've certainly earned it; they're handling item manufacture, ordering, payment processing, shipping, and customer service on our behalf.

I see you've made portraits for the Cut & Run characters. Do you plan to make portraits of my favorite characters in future?

It's certainly possible! Keep in mind that commissioning a painting is very expensive, so we're unlikely to do one unless it seems there's sufficient demand for art items with that character. If there's something you'd like to see, let us know at

Why are there multiple versions of each cover available?

We aim to provide you with as many options as we possibly can. This means that whenever possible, we let you choose from the full-wrap art (front cover, back cover, and spine), the front cover art with the typography, and the front cover art without the typography. (We don't make available the full wrap art with the typography because it would look very unbalanced.) It's up to you which version you'd like. Some folks want a poster of the book cover exactly how it appears on the book itself, and some folks just want to admire the beautiful painting without any of the text on it. We want you to be able to choose the version that makes you the happiest.

Will the watermark show up on my finished art item?

No. The watermark on the sample image is there to protect our intellectual property, but it will absolutely not show up on your ordered items.

Where do I find your art items for sale?

Two ways. You can visit our DeviantArt gallery (all paintings in the gallery are available for sale), or you can go directly to a specific book's art by clicking on the "Posters & More!" link beneath the buying options on the individual title's book page. Please note that visiting our gallery will take you offsite to a third-party vendor (DeviantArt) who manages all our art orders on our behalf.

I have a question you haven't answered. Now what?

If it's a question about finding, ordering, paying for, shipping, or returning art items, please visit DeviantArt's print service FAQ.

Otherwise, please email

All About Audio and Translation

I'm an independent translator who would like to translate your title(s). Are you hiring?

If you are an experienced professional translator working in tandem with an experienced professional editor, please visit our profile at BabelCube to see which titles are available for royalty-share translation.

Are there audiobook versions of your titles?

For some titles, yes, and this is an area we're actively expanding. We've licensed a number of titles to dedicated audiobook publishers such as Audible Studios, and for those titles, we have no control over release dates, narrators, promotional copies, or any other production issues. Other titles we produce in-house (our in-house audio program began in November of 2015), and for those titles, we have full control over production and marketing.

We do not automatically produce all titles as audiobooks, but we're aiming to ramp up production considerably over the next few years. Meanwhile, our audio rights are represented by the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, who is hard at work finding the best audiobook publishers to produce the titles we can't produce in-house.

Are your titles available in other languages?

Some are, yes! However, because we wish to ensure the highest possible quality of translation, we do not produce these titles in-house. Rather, we license the translation rights to publishers all over the world, where the titles are then translated into native languages and released through the licensing publisher's imprint. This means we're unable to sell translations of our titles on our site, as we don't own the rights to the translated versions. But we'll always announce new translation deals in our newsletter, and we'll do our best to maintain an archive of links to available translations for those who want them.

Interested in licensing translation rights to our titles? Please contact our subrights agent, Ethan Ellenberg.

When will my favorite title be available in audio or another language?

Sadly, this is a question we cannot answer. It's up to each individual audio or foreign-language publisher who licenses the rights to our titles. But the first translations of Riptide titles became available in 2013, and the first audio versions of Riptide books released in 2015.

I want to license subsidiary rights. How do I do that?

Excellent decision! Please visit our Subsidiary Rights page.

Shopping with Riptide

Can I gift an ebook to a friend?

Absolutely! Simply place the ebook or ebooks you wish to gift into your cart, and follow these instructions:

  1. Begin to check out like normal. On the first checkout screen, you'll see four sections: "Shopping cart contents," "Coupons," "Bonus Bucks credit," and "Gifting options."
  2. In the "Gifting options" section, tick the box that says "Gift some or all of these items?" Once you do so, new content will appear, including a list of each item in your cart followed by a text box.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address in the text box for each item you wish to gift. Leave the text box empty for items you wish to keep for yourself. When you're finished filling out the text fields, click the "continue to next step" button.
  4. Continue checkout as normal. If the recipient is an existing customer on our website, the book you've gifted will appear in their bookshelf, and they'll receive an email notifying them of their gift. If not, an account will be created for them, and they'll receive an invitation to come aboard and enjoy their gift.
I'm searching for stories with specific gender, sexual orientation, and/or on-page pairings. How do I find them?

On our Browse & Search page, we offer three different tag groupings related to gender and sexual orientation. You will also see these tag groupings listed on every individual title page, and can browse individual orientations/genders/pairings from any page by clicking on the tag. Our three groupings are Orientation, Pairing, and Gender. Within those groupings, you'll find the following tags:


  • Gay (one or more primary characters is gay)
  • Lesbian (one or more primary characters is a lesbian)
  • Bisexual/pansexual (one or more primary characters is bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or any other sexuality that denotes attraction to multiple genders)
  • Asexual (one or more primary characters experiences no or limited sexual attraction, and may identify as asexual, gray asexual, demisexual, or elsewhere on the ace spectrum; this does not preclude romantic attraction)
  • Aromantic (one or more primary characters experiences no romantic attraction to any gender; this does not preclude sexual attraction)


  • Cisgender (one or more primary characters is the gender they were assigned at birth)
  • Trans (one or more primary characters is a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth)
  • Nonbinary / Genderqueer (one or more primary characters is of variable gender, no gender, multiple genders, or is genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, or any other gender that does not fall within the established gender binary)


  • male/male (two male characters have on-page intimate relations)
  • female/male (one male and one female character have on-page intimate relations)
  • female/female (two female characters have on-page intimate relations)
  • genderqueer/male (one nonbinary or genderqueer character and one male character have on-page intimate relations)
  • genderqueer/female (one nonbinary or genderqueer character and one female character have on-page intimate relations)
  • genderqueer/genderqueer (two nonbinary or genderqueer characters have on-page intimate relations)
  • Multiple partners (there is more than one on-page pairing among the primary characters)
  • Menage (at least three characters engage together in on-page intimate relations)

Please note that neither gender nor pairing labels are necessarily related to a character's genitals or to the sex a character was assigned at birth. Also, the presence of a pairing does not necessarily indicate the presence of explicit content; please check the heat wave and frequency ratings on each title for that.

We have done our very best to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible to all the many and wonderful variations on gender and sexual attraction, while at the same time keeping the tags broad enough for practical browsing. (If a tag is not linked, that means we have not yet published any stories with that tag, but are actively seeking them so please submit yours!) We know there is always room for improvement in this regard, and we're eager to engage in respectful dialog about it. If you'd like to share your thoughts with us, please fill out our contact form.

I've heard something about free books for a year. How does that work?

For each book you pre-order (the book can't have been released yet) directly through our site, you'll receive one entry into a drawing for a chance to win free books for a year! Once a year, we'll pool all the entries and do a drawing. There are second and third prizes, too:

  • First Prize is one free copy of every single ebook Riptide releases for 12 months!
  • Second Prize is one free copy of every single ebook Riptide releases for 6 months!
  • Third Prize is one free copy of every single ebook Riptide releases for 3 months!

That's a lot of free books! We'll draw winners at random every year in January. And even if you don't win, you still get a nifty bonus: pre-ordered books are available for download two full days before their official sale date!

Ready to earn some entries? Check out our titles coming soon!

When do pre-orders start? Why should I pre-order?

Every new book we release will be available for pre-order for at least two weeks, and some for up to a few months. There are some excellent reasons to pre-order.

  1. You can purchase and forget about it. Your book will be waiting for you on release day in every available format; no need to remember when that is. You'll also receive an email on release day letting you know your files are available for download.
  2. Each pre-order purchase earns you an entry into an awesome contest where you can win free Riptide books for a year!
  3. Your pre-ordered books can be downloaded two days before the "official" street date, so you get to read the story two days before everyone else.
  4. When you buy direct through the website, you'll receive Bonus Bucks on every purchase you make.
  5. The author will receive a much higher royalty for the sale than he or she will if you purchase the book through a third-party vendor like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. One of the best ways to support your favorite authors is to buy direct from the publisher site.
Why should I shop directly through your web store?

There are many benefits to shopping directly through the Riptide web store. 

  1. We make all file formats available to you at all times, so if you switch devices or accidentally delete your book, you can re-download the appropriate format with zero hassle.
  2. You earn Bonus Bucks for each purchase you make, and can use those Bonus Bucks to purchase free books or gift certificates from our store.
  3. Books on pre-sale may be offered at a discount through our site only.
  4. We offer exclusive print-and-ebook combos at an average discount of 30%, and all paperbacks onsite are sold at an average discount of 20%.
  5. If you pre-order a book, you'll be able to download it two days before the official release date.
  6. All pre-orders earn you an entry into our Free Books for a Year contest.
  7. Themed collections (groupings of short stories or novellas) and serial stories are bundled and offered at significant discount through our site only.
  8. Both our authors and ourselves get to keep a much larger share of the purchase price when you buy directly from us (or any other publisher site), which makes it easier for your favorite authors to spend more time writing new books. Third-party vendors such as Amazon may keep as much as sixty-five percent of your sale price, leaving as little as thirty-five cents on the dollar for the publisher and author to share. 
How do I search for and/or purchase an ebook?

On our Browse & Search page, it's possible to search for books in many ways: by author, title, series, genre, sub-genre, type and/or frequency of erotic content, all sorts of keywords, etc. You can even apply multile filters to a single search, so if you're looking for a novel-length historical erotic romance set in Romania and featuring frottage, you can set your search parameters to return those exact results. You can also browse via our "Titles" link in the navigation bar or by any of the categories in our left sidebar (All Titles, Best Sellers, Recent Releases, etc.). Lastly, you can use our search box on the top right corner of the page.

When you find a book you wish to purchase, simply click the "add to cart" button. Want to purchase the title later, but not right now? Click the "wishlist" button to add it to your wishlist, which you'll find archived in your account.

Checking out is easy, safe, and secure. During checkout, you'll be prompted to log in, or to create an account if you're new to Riptide. We use PayPal to process our credit card payments, but you don’t need a PayPal account to shop with us.* PayPal allows you to pay for your purchase with any major credit card (click here for more info from the PayPal site), your Paypal balance, or a linked checking account.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, your books will appear in your bookshelf for download.**

*Paypal requires residents of a small number of countries to register before using their service. If this affects you, we apologize for the inconvenience, but are unfortunately unable to offer a workaround at this time. We are actively seeking alternative solutions for readers in affected countries. 

**If you've purchased pre-sale titles, they'll appear in your bookshelf two days before their official release date. If you've purchaed using an e-check, your title(s) will not appear in your bookshelf until your e-check clears.

How can I tell how erotic a book is?

We use two separate ratings in concert: Heat Waves (how explicit) and Frequency (how often). Both are on a scale of 1 to 5. We also use a number of tags to specify the type of content (for example, “bondage,” “flogging,” “rimming,” “threesome,” etc.) and help you find exactly the kind of story you’re in the mood to read.

Heat Wave Scale

  • 1 wave: No erotic content. If there is romantic content, it’s likely not the focus of the story.
  • 2 waves: Stories with sweet romantic content such as a kiss or a touch over clothing. No explicit language. Appropriate for most YA audiences.
  • 3 waves: Primarily sweet/sensual stories. Love scenes may happen, but will be “off screen” or almost entirely non-explicit. No graphic language. May be appropriate for YA audiences.
  • 4 waves: Stories with sensual love scenes. They will occur “on screen” but will be less explicit. May include some explicit language.
  • 5 waves: Stories with explicit love scenes and graphic language.

Frequency Scale

  1. No erotic or onscreen romantic encounters.
  2. Erotic content is secondary to the focus of the book and occurs in a very small percentage of scenes.
  3. Erotic content is relevant to focus of the book occurs in a moderate percentage of scenes.
  4. Erotic content is integral to the focus of the book and occurs in a fairly large percentage of scenes.
  5. Erotic content is the central focus of the book and occurs in a very large percentage of scenes.
How do I create an account?

Click on the "Register" button all the way in the upper right corner and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also create an account during the checkout process.

Does it cost anything to register for an account with you?

Never. Registration is absolutely free. You won't even be added to our mailing list unless you choose to be.

Is my personal information secure with you?

Absolutely. Since we use PayPal—one of the safest payment processing options in the world—you will never have to reveal your personal details to any site, including ours. We do not even see your credit card information, let alone collect it.

How do you set your prices?

Pricing is based on book length, genre, and author. Rather than featuring only three or four price tiers, our unbundled ebook titles range from 99 cents to $6.99 at Riptide. This ensures that the customer never overpays for a book at the short end of a wide price tier, and that the author is paid fairly for books at the long end of a wide price tier.

When deciding how to price our tiers, we took into account the time and expense that goes into producing each book at Riptide. Unlike many other e-publishers in the LGBTQ space, we provide Manhattan-quality developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for each book we produce. We also provide professional layout, hand-coded file conversions to eliminate irritating artifacts and layout errors in your e-book, and gorgeous cover art. All of these things mean that Riptide’s production process is much as fifteen times more expensive than at other e-houses. In most cases, our cover prices nevertheless remain comparable to our competitors, but you may sometimes find a longer novella or novel priced at about $1 more. However, readers repeatedly tell us (and show us through purchasing decisions) that they much prefer to pay a little more for books they'll love and reread, rather than buy a cheaper book they may not even finish.

Our pricing tier guidelines are as follows:

1,000 to 9,999 words: $.99
10,000 to 14,999 words: $1.99
15,000 to 24,999 words: $2.99
25,000 to 39,999 words: $3.99
40,000 to 59,999 words: $4.99
60,000 to 84,999 words: $5.99
85,000+: $6.99

Many but not all of our titles will fall into these tiers. For a variety of individual reasons, a book may be priced in a lower tier. A new book will never be priced in a higher tier, although as our tiers have changed over the years, it is possible that a backlist book may be priced according to an older tier model.

Can I access my library anytime, anywhere?

Your library is available at any time from any web-capable device. If you're logged in, just click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You'll be taken to a tabbed page where the default tab is "My Bookshelf." There you'll find every book you've ever purchased, along with options for downloading in all available formats or sending the mobi file directly to your Kindle.

Can I transfer ebooks purchased at Riptide onto my Kindle or Nook?

Yes. If you have Windows 7, save your purchase to a folder on your computer, plug your Kindle or Nook to your computer, and drop and drag the book to the documents section of your device.

For Kindle, you may also send our books as an attachment to your Kindle device email, or simply click on the "Send to Kindle" button in your bookshelf to transmit the file over Kindle's Whispersynch.

If I pre-order a collection, when do I get each individual title?

On the collection description page, you'll see a separate release date for each individual title within the collection. As with all pre-orders, you'll have access to each title two days before that official release date. Most collections will feature one release per week until the collection is complete. Of course, if you order the collection after the final release date, you'll have access to the full selection of collection titles all at once.

What are Bonus Bucks, and how do they work?

Bonus Bucks are our way of saying “Thank you!” to customers who shop repeatedly at our site. Why does that matter to us? Because third-party sites like Amazon and Kobo take 30% or more of the cover price of each book, leaving much less money for us to share with our authors.

Every time you purchase with us, you receive one Bonus Buck for each dollar you spend on books. When you’ve collected 50 Bonus Bucks, our website will automatically turn them into a $5 account credit. You can then apply that credit as you check out, as if it were cash!

Want to know how many Bonus Bucks you have or a history of all the Bonus Bucks you've ever earned? Simply click on the "My Account" link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then click on the "Bonus Bucks" tab. You'll see your current Bonus Bucks and Credit balances, and links to display your Bonus Bucks and Store Credit history. 

Help, my store credit disappeared!

Your credit is applied to an order as soon as you select the pay-by-credit option during checkout. However, if for some reason you don't complete the checkout process, your credit may seem to disappear, even though you haven't gotten your books.

But don't despair! If this has happened to you, please contact (please be sure to include your username) and we'll get your credit reinstated ASAP.

How do gift certificates work?

Spread some joy with our special Gift Cards!

Here's how they work:

  1. Purchase a gift card (and earn some Bonus Bucks for yourself!).

  2. After checkout, return to the Gift Cards page and click the Send tab.

  3. Enter the recipient's email, and an optional message and sender name.

  4. If the recipient is an existing customer on our website, their account will be credited with the sum you've gifted. If not, an account with credit will be created for them, and they'll receive an invitation to come aboard and enjoy their gift.



Can I pay for my order with a check?

Sort of, but not directly. We accept Paypal, and you can use your checking account via PayPal to pay for your purchase. (You may also use your Visa, Mastercard, or Riptide gift certificate to pay for your purchase.)

Can I order your books through the mail or over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. Please place all orders via our website. If you encounter any difficulties with or have any questions about the ordering process that were not addressed in our FAQ, please email us at .

Do you offer refunds?

No. Like almost all ebook retailers large and small, our books are non-returnable. We will, however, happily replace any damaged files.

Do your books have DRM protection?

No. DRM (Digital Rights Management software) doesn’t actually discourage pirates. All it does is inconvenience honest readers who wish to transfer files between personal devices. If you see our books being sold with DRM on a third-party site, the DRM has been added without our permission.

Other Questions

What's the difference between a Series and a Universe?

A series is a collection of interlinked books that are best read in order for maximum enjoyment. Sometimes, they must be read in order to make sense. Other times, you may be able to read Book 3 before you read Book 1, but you're likely to miss some nuance and backstory. Examples of series we sell that must be read in order (or at least, we think so!) are Dark Soul and Power Play. Examples of series we sell that can be read out of order without missing too much are Country Mouse and Falling Sky.

universe is a collection of interlinked books that can be read in any order, though it's often (but not always) advisable to read Book 1 in the universe before you hop around to whatever later books catch your fancy. Examples of universes that can be read in absolutey any order are Tucker Springs and Market Garden. Examples of universes where we recommend you read Book 1 first (although it's not strictly necessary) are Theta Alpha Gamma and Rear Entrance Video.

Note that sometimes there are series within universes, such as the Cut & Run series and the Sidewinder series, both of which take place in the wider Cut & Run universe. (So you can either read the Sidewinder series or the Cut & Run series first without losing any meaning, but within each individual series, you must read the books in order.) There can be universes within series, too.

How often do you have new releases?

Since we're a boutique publisher, our focus is on quality over quantity. This means that we'll usually release just one new title a week, but oh boy will it be a good one! Some weeks may see two new releases, and only very very rarely will a week see no release. Look for our new releases on Mondays—a perfect pick-me-up to get you through the long week ahead.

What is a Spotlight Stop on a blog tour?

A Spotlight Stop is when a blog host posts a book cover, a blurb, and an excerpt and/or review as part of a blog tour. The excerpt may be one you haven't seen before, or it may be part of an excerpt that's already been posted elsewhere, but be sure to stop by and comment anyway; commenting at Spotlight Stops earns you an extra entry into the blog tour's contest!

Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

The Riptide Publishing newsletter, Making Waves, is one of the best ways to keep abreast of all our new releases, specials, and news. We'll also give away free stuff in every newsletter: excerpts, prizes, maybe even an exclusive short story from one of your favorite Riptide authors!

Of course, we'll never give your email to anyone else or use it for anything but our newsletter, which we send out, on average, once each week, usually on Saturday.

If you don't want to miss any of the fun, be sure to sign up for Making Waves now in the box on the right side of our webpage.

I've found a great book here that I know a friend would love. Is there a way for me to share that information?

Yes and thank you! Small presses live and die on the recommendations of happy readers.

On every book page, you'll find social media sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and more. Coming soon, we'll also have a "Recommend" button, and when you click that, we'll email your friend a link to the recommended title. We do not store this information, so you don't have to worry about your friend's email being added to our mailing list. That will never happen.

We're also excited to announce our new gifting feature! Find the perfect book for a special friend, or even your whole reading group? Simply purchase as many copies as you need, check out as normal, and then send your gift(s) to the lucky recipient(s)!

I've seen your book(s) being pirated / illegally distributed. Where can I let you know?

Thank you for helping Riptide and its authors to protect their intellectual property and incomes. If you see one or more of our titles being illegally distributed, please send the link or links to

What happens if I lose an ebook or switch devices?

There is no limit to the number of times you download a purchased book, as long as you’re downloading it for your own personal use. (Downloading an extra copy to share with a friend or family member is stealing, alas.) If you purchase through Riptide, you will have access to the file in every major format available now and in the future, so if you have a Kindle today but buy a Nook next year, that’s no problem—just redownload the appropriate format.

How do I contact you?

Click on the Contact Us tab, select the appropriate subject from the dropdown box, add your question or comment, and submit the form.

If you have an inquiry for a specific staff member or department, please visit the Our Staff page to find the appropriate email address.

How do I update my email address or other account information?

You can edit your account information at any time by logging in via the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then clicking "My Account," also in the upper right.