Can I gift an ebook to a friend?

Absolutely! Simply place the ebook or ebooks you wish to gift into your cart, and follow these instructions:

  1. Begin to check out like normal. On the first checkout screen, you'll see four sections: "Shopping cart contents," "Coupons," "Bonus Bucks credit," and "Gifting options."
  2. In the "Gifting options" section, tick the box that says "Gift some or all of these items?" Once you do so, new content will appear, including a list of each item in your cart followed by a text box.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address in the text box for each item you wish to gift. Leave the text box empty for items you wish to keep for yourself. When you're finished filling out the text fields, click the "continue to next step" button.
  4. Continue checkout as normal. If the recipient is an existing customer on our website, the book you've gifted will appear in their bookshelf, and they'll receive an email notifying them of their gift. If not, an account will be created for them, and they'll receive an invitation to come aboard and enjoy their gift.