All About Paperbacks

All About Paperbacks

If I order a paperback through Riptide, how long will it take to arrive?

This depends on where you live. Most titles shipped domestically will arrive in one to two weeks. Shipping to Canada or Mexico typically takes two to three weeks. Standard shipping to other parts of the world can be regretfully slow because our printer is only in the United States; it may be up to 35 business days for a title to arrive to the Pacific Rim, for example. For faster shipping, please select the priority option at checkout; this typically shortens international shipping to about a week, and domestic shipping to a few days.

Keep in mind that if you've pre-ordered a book, it may not ship until its release date, although we'll do our best to ship pre-ordered titles early enough to arrive on or near the release date.

If you order a paperback/ebook combo, you'll receive the ebook immediately to tide you over while you wait for your paperback.

Please note that if you purchase pre-order and currently-released paperbacks in the same order, all items will be held to ship together when the last pre-ordered item releases. If you'd like your currently-released paperbacks sooner, please place a separate order for them.

If I order a print/ebook combo, will I be charged shipping for one book or two?

Just one--you only incur a shipping fee for the paperback. As always, there is no shipping fee for ebooks, and you can access your ebook immediately on or after the title's release date.

Will I be charged shipping for ebooks if I order ebooks and paperbacks together?

Absolutely not. Ebooks, as always, do not incur shipping costs and you will be able to access and read them immediately while your paperbacks are being shipped.

If I pre-order a print/ebook combo, will I earn one or two entries into the Free Books for a Year contest?

Two! When you pre-order the print/ebook combo for an upcoming release, you'll earn two chances to win every single book we release for a year.

Can I gift a paperback to a friend?

Absolutely! During checkout, simply enter the name and address of the person you wish to mail the paperback(s) to. No prices or purchase information are listed on the invoice included with the shipped book(s), so you don't need to worry about them knowing how much you paid for it. (Unfortunately, we also cannot include a gift message on the invoice.)

Remember, if you're ordering paperbacks for more than one person (yourself and a friend, multiple friends, etc.), you'll need to place a separate order for each address you're shipping to. We're unable to split single orders across multiple addresses.

Do I earn Bonus Bucks on paperbacks?

Absolutely! The Bonus Bucks program works for print books just like it does for ebooks, meaning every paperback you buy earns you credit for future purchases.

If I pre-order a paperback, when will it ship?

Pre-ordered paperbacks will ship no later than the official release date. If the paperback is ready early enough, we'll ship it to arrive on or slightly before the official release date.

I've purchased a currently-released paperback and a pre-order paperback in the same order. When will my order ship?

Your order will ship in its entirety when the last pre-ordered title in the order is released. If you'd like to receive your currently-released paperbacks sooner, please place a separate order for your pre-order paperback(s).

Do you sell your paperbacks at a discount?

Yes. All paperbacks onsite are at least 20% off, and all paperback + ebook combos are at least 30% off.

I have a coupon. Does it work for paperbacks too?

If your coupon is store-wide, then yes. If it's product-specific, you'll need to check the text on the coupon.

Do you take returns?

No. However, if your book arrived damaged or misprinted, or you received the wrong item, we will happily replace it if you notify us within a week of receipt.