All About Ebooks

All About Ebooks

What is an e-book?

An ebook is an electronic version of a book. You can download ebooks to your personal computer, smartphone, or handheld reading device.

Why would I want to buy an electronic version of a book?

Ebooks are typically a little less expensive, because even though the bulk of production expenses remain (editing, layout, cover art, royalties, etc.), there are no printing, shipping, or storage costs.

Also, ebooks last forever—no need to worry about breaking the spine or wearing out your favorite read.

They also offer instant gratification. Read an interesting blurb? Buy it now and you can be reading it in 60 seconds!

Lastly, ebooks are hugely convenient. You can purchase them from almost any computer or reading device and carry hundreds of books with you anywhere you go on a device the size of a paperback.

What file formats do you offer?

Nearly all of our titles are available in PDF, mobi, epub, and html (some free titles are only available in PDF), and when you make a purchase, you gain access to all four file formats. So if you switch devices in future, simply come back to our site and re-download your titles in the appropriate format. Not sure which format you need? Read all about them here

How do I know which ebook format to purchase?

One of the benefits of buying directly through the Riptide site is access to multiple file formats: nearly all of our ebooks are available in mobi, epub, PDF, and html, and when you purchase a title, you can download your preferred format at any time. So, which format for which device? Here are some common ones:

For iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users: ePub (Open e-book) is the format of choice. You can download Stanza, which will allow you to read e-books on your desktop (Mac or PC), iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad here (it’s free!).

For Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and Android/Aldiko users: ePub is the format of choice.

For Kindle, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Windows CE, or EPOC users: The file of choice is mobi or prc. You can also read PDFs on your Kindle, but we don’t recommend it.

For Windows PC, Windows Tablet, or Mac users: We recommend PDF. To read PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader here (it’s free!).

How do you determine word and page counts?

Word counts are more or less exact counts (rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand words, length depending) of the story text itself, excluding any front or back matter such as the copyright page or the author's biography. Page counts are the exact number of pages in the title's PDF file, including front and back matter. When you see the ~ symbol before word or page numbers, that means the counts are approximate because we've not yet completed the editing and/or layout process on that title.

Can I share my ebooks with others?

Please don't. All of our books are protected by copyright and should not be copied without permission. Remember, you are purchasing one copy for your own personal use, so if you’d like to share an ebook with others, please purchase an additional copy or copies; we even offer a handy gifting feature that allows you to send ebooks to a friend with just a few clicks.

It's true that re-use or re-distribution of ebooks in part or whole is against the law, but then, so is slurping your soup in New Jersey. The real reason it's so important not to share ebooks is because it takes money out of our authors' pockets (and in general, authors do not have deep pockets to start with; most authors need to work a full-time job in addition to writing to pay the bills), which makes it harder, if not impossible, for them to keep dedicating the hundreds of hours per book it takes to write new stories for you to enjoy. If you enjoy an author's work, please support them by making legal purchases, and they in turn will joyfully support your reading habit :-)