Bundle: Supernatural Selection: The Complete Collection

Bundle: Supernatural Selection: The Complete Collection

Author: E.J. Russell

Are you a shifter who’s lost faith in fated mates? A vampire seeking a Second Life companion? Or perhaps you’re a demon yearning to claim a soul (mate)?

Congratulations! Your search is over!

Welcome to Supernatural Selection, where our foolproof spells guarantee your perfect match.

Until they don’t.


This collection, available exclusively at Riptide, contains all three Supernatural Selection stories at over 30% off!

  1. Single White Incubus - preorder available October 20, 2018
  2. Vampire with Benefits - preorder available November 24, 2018
  3. Demon on the Down-Low - preorder available February 23, 2019
    Part of the series: Supernatural Selection
    Price: $8.99

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    comedy, romance, urban fantasy / paranormal


    General Details

    Word Count: ~180,000

    Cover By: L.C. Chase

    Series: Supernatural Selection