Tribute: The Complete Collection - Inventory Clearance Paperback! 

Tribute: The Complete Collection - Inventory Clearance Paperback! 

Author: Kate Pearce

Few of the people on Planet Mitan know that their future rests on very precarious foundations. A terrifying species holds the Mitans in thrall, and only a yearly tribute — part conscripts, part volunteers — secures the fragile peace with the sinister Ungrich. Nobody knows exactly what the alien creatures want with the Mitans, but the Mitan military and the few survivors of the underground ordeal have developed a training program. It’s brutal, even horrific, but effective.

Commander Rehz Akran is determined that his trainees, willing or otherwise, will learn everything necessary to survive as Tributes. If he can’t force them through training, no one can, and he’s prepared to use every filthy, dirty trick in his arsenal to secure complete obedience . . . and the survival of his species.

This bundle includes all three Tribute stories:


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5 - Very explicit love scenes

5 - Lots and lots!

action / adventure, alternate world / alternate universe, BDSM, drama, dystopian, erotica, horror, romance, sci-fi, space opera, suspense / thriller, urban fantasy / paranormal

cisgender, nonbinary / genderqueer

bisexual / pansexual, gay, heterosexual, poly

female/male, female/monster, male/male, male/male/female, male/monster, menage, multiple partners

20s, 30s

ambiguous, happily ever after, happy for now

dark, exciting, gritty, humorous, intense

abduction/kidnapping/hostage (actual), abuse, alpha/alpha, angst, enemies to lovers, hurt / comfort, interspecies, military, politics / power struggle, power imbalance, PTSD, romantic elements, self-discovery / self-reflection, slave / capture (actual), trust issues

69ing, barebacking, biting, bondage, breath play, caging/confinement, CBT, collaring, cum-play, dirty talk, double penetration, edge play, erotic massage, exhibitionism, face-fucking, fisting, flogging, forced orgasm, hate-sex/angry sex, humiliation, impact play, marking, masturbation, nipple clamps, orgasm denial, pervertibles, piercings, power exchange, public play, rimming / anilingus, rough sex, sensory deprivation, slavery (real), spanking, tentacle sex, videotaping / photographing, voyeurism

far future

alternate dimension, military base, off-planet

criminal / outlaw, fighter (professional), gladiator, military

alien, tentacle monster