The Weight We Carry

The Weight We Carry

Author: Logan Meredith

The journey from friends to lovers is hard enough without baggage.

At twenty-four, Brady Whittington is stuck in a post-college rut, working a dead-end job and as single as they come. With every month that goes by, he’s falling further behind in the race to adulthood. Now, his comfort-food habit is packing the pounds onto his already ample frame. As the numbers on the scale climb, his self-confidence plummets. He’s given up on himself, convinced he’ll never land a career in his field or a boyfriend.

Josh Meyer hasn’t had an easy life. Cruelly outed by his high school girlfriend, he fled home, never to look back. Now he has a great job, good friends, Grindr hookups, and a fantastic roommate in Brady. Who needs more? But when his friend starts to pull away, Josh is forced to reevaluate the role Brady plays in his life.

When Brady asks for Josh’s help to lose weight, their running regimen draws the two even closer. Slowly, Brady builds up the endurance he needs to chase after Josh, but Josh’s past and his own self-esteem issues keep tossing out hurdles. If they want the future they’ve been dreaming of, they’ll both need to shed the real weight they’re carrying.

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Word Count: 94,000

Cover By: LC Chase

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ISBN: 978-1-62649-944-7

Release Date: 04/17/2021

Price: $3.99

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ISBN: 978-1-62649-943-0

Release Date: 04/19/2021

Price: $14.39