Our Statement on Santino Hassell

Regarding the author writing as Santino Hassell:

We have spent the last two days focused on the allegations against Santino Hassell of misrepresenting, gaslighting, lying, insulting, and emotionally manipulating members of the queer romance community. Upon reading the dozens of corroborative stories, and viewing a number of screenshots in support of these allegations, we have terminated our relationship with the author. All upcoming contracts have been cancelled, and all existing titles are being pulled from distribution as we speak. We will be issuing refunds for all pre-orders of Santino’s titles; please be patient with us, as this process may take up to a week.

In the past months, we thought we were doing the right thing by, in good faith, standing up for an author who we were led to believe was being unfairly attacked. We apologize for our part in unwittingly contributing to the harm of the community we hold so dear.

Please note that Riptide did not, and will not, block anyone on any of our social media accounts; this is a rumor. However, in response to Santino’s allegations that reviewers for one particular blog were engaged in a campaign to doxx, harass, and smear him, we removed those reviewers from auto-approval on NetGalley and the identified blog from our blog tour rotation. For this we are deeply sorry. We have personally apologized to them, and would like to do so again here in public.

In addition, our Editorial Director, Sarah Lyons, did block people on her personal Twitter account. She has already unblocked them and apologizes for not listening to everyone who was asking legitimate questions about the issue.

While we were working on the best information we had at the time, we cannot reiterate enough how sorry we are for any hurt we caused. To this end, we would like to offer a $5 credit to anyone who has purchased already-released Santino Hassell titles through Riptide. To receive your credit, simply email info@riptidepublishing.com with your Riptide account username or email address. Again, please allow some time for the requests to be filled, as we anticipate high volume.

Once again, we apologize for any harm our actions or inactions have caused.

Rachel Haimowitz, Partner
Tal Valante, Partner
Sarah Lyons, Editorial Director
Amelia Vaughn, Marketing Director