Theta Alpha Gamma

It’s been said that frat boys are “living the last of the staunchly heterosexual lifestyles,” but it appears the Theta Alpha Gamma members didn’t get the memo—brothers keep coming out of the closet. What’s a frat to do?

First, be accepting; understanding, even—or at least fake it ’til you make it. Second, declare your frat house a Greek Love Zone. Third, institute Sensitivity Training. Led enthusiastically by the new president, Kyle—founding member of the Theta Alpha Gay Straight Alliance—TAG is coming out to the world as the safest fraternity for gay boys to let it all hang out.

The hallowed, traditional frat kegger will never be the same again.

With the exception of Good Boy, which should be read after Frat Boy and Toppy, Theta Alpha Gamma stories do not need to be read in order, though many readers prefer to do so. The release order is:

  1. Frat Boy and Toppy
  2. Love, Hypothetically
  3. Sweet Young Thang
  4. Good Boy
  5. Poster Boy