Queers of La Vista

Searching for love? A hookup? A few hours of debate and debauchery with friends? Look no further than Club Fred’s, the diverse queer community’s favorite watering hole in La Vista’s newly revitalized Harbor District!

Club Fred’s is the kind of place where everyone knows your name—and quite a few of them know about that birthmark on your upper thigh, the way you laugh too loudly after a single shot of tequila, and the reason you broke up with your last partner. The only downside to a night at Fred’s? Every now and then someone walks out the door and winds up dead.

When a killer stalks the streets of La Vista, some parts of the community draw closer, and some are pushed further apart. But in the end, they’re all in it together—for better or for worse.

The books in the Queers of La Vista universe can each be enjoyed on their own, but if you would like read them in series order, it's as follows:

  1. Gays of Our Lives
  2. The Butch and the Beautiful
  3. The Queer and the Restless
  4. One Life to Lose
  5. As La Vista Turns