Josh of the Damned

Josh Caplan is your average late-night convenience store clerk, but the Quik-Mart where he works is nothing like normal with that hell vortex in the parking lot. Waiting on zombies, demons, and other things that go bump in the night might scare some, but they're actually more polite than the stoners, and Josh welcomes the break in the monotony—especially when he acquires himself a sexy new boyfriend with a deadly secret.

Will Josh survive this retail nightmare? It's a Big Gulp of a chance, but between the hazard pay and the hottie with a sweet tooth for Josh's candy, it's a chance he's willing to take. 


from Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Andrea Speed brings the same detail she uses in her world building to constructing her characters. The plots are hysterical, the dialog giggle inducing and the characters [totally] adorable. I love, love this series.

from Live Your Life, Buy the Book

[A]bsolutely cracked me up . . . 

from Alex Mar

[I] spent most of the time reading the Josh stories with a smile on my face and biting my lip not to laugh out loud . . . Great, fun and an entertaining read!