Amelia Vaughn

Marketing Director


Amelia Vaughn has worked in marketing, advertising and media with Fortune 500 companies for over a decade. She is well versed not only in traditional advertising, but in the social media that drives communication in our modern world.

All of Amelia's family and friends have spent years listening to her say "Have you read this book? It's amazing!" and are not surprised she has turned that into a career. 

Amelia began reading LGBTQ fiction in junior high school when she picked up a copy of Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden and hasn't stopped since.

Amelia is also a featured blogger on Huffington Post Gay Voices where she chronicles the joys and challenges of raising a young gay child who self-identified before puberty. Her work has been featured and discussed in Out Magazine, AOL, IMDB, Jezebel,, Salon and Amelia has worked with groups such as The Trevor Project, PFLAG, and the NOH8 Campaign to encourage knowledge and support of the new generation of LGBTQ kids and their parents.