Shifters and Weres

Whether bound to the lunar cycle or able to shift at will, werewolves or weresquid (and wherever your imagination might take you with all those tentacles!), skinwalkers or humans who can change their faces, we want to get to know your shifter society. Are they out? Hidden? Hated? Revered? Maybe they fight crime, or maybe they cause it. Maybe they just want to be left alone, or maybe they are (or are trying to be) the dominant species.

Our key desire in this call is a mythos that sets your story apart from the thousands of other shifter stories already published. Abandon those tired old A/B/O tropes and bring us something fascinating and fresh.

Romance is necessary, but it need not be the central focus. Frequent erotic content is welcome, as is creative sex (sex in shifted or semi-shifted form is fine as long as your shfiters retain sentience and are capable of consent, even if consent is not given), but please don’t send us erotica—in other words, the central relationship must not be driven by and explored primarily with sex). If your mythos calls for celibacy, that’s okay too. The mythos is the star of this show, so be sure it wows us.

50,000 to 110,000 words
Heat Levels: 
HEA or strong HFN
Submissions Due: 
Thursday, January 1, 2015
Acceptance Letters Sent By: 
May 1, 2015
Anticipated Release Date: 
Nine months to a year after acceptance