F/F Novels

Have you written a novel-length female/female romance? We want it! Any genre, any setting, any focus. Historical ladies, contemporary ladies, ladies in suspense, romantic comedy ladies, paranormal ladies, futuristic ladies. Any and all female/female romance, send it our way. We're also accepting stories about aromantic ladies in any genre, though for this particular call, such stories should focus on a deep, exceptional friendship between two or more women.

This is an open-ended call; you may submit at any time. Earliest potential closing date for this call is March 1, 2016, though we may elect to run it longer.

45,000 to 110,000 words
Heat Levels: 
Moderately to very explicit, but not erotica. That is, focus of narrative and relationship should not solely be sexual exploration, though at least two scenes with at least moderately explicit sex is preferred unless your character(s) are asexual.
HEA or strong HFN
Lesbian, bisexual (as long as they are currently in an all-female relationship), poly (again, all ladies please!), homo- or biromantic asexual, homo- or bisexual aromantic, or asexual aromantic. Trans, nonbinary, and intersex women are welcome.
Submissions Due: 
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Acceptance Letters Sent By: 
12 to 16 weeks after submission
Anticipated Release Date: 
Nine months to a year after acceptance