Primary Duties: 
Creating front-only or full-wrap digital paintings in high resolution for both ebook and print book use. You will work with extensive data provided by the author to create two to four concept sketches that accurately reflect the genre and content of the book, serve as a strong marketing tool, and display strongly in both large and thumbnail sizes. Work with marketing and the Art Director to hone concept sketches. Turn chosen concept sketch into a final painting. Be prepared for multiple rounds of minor revisions.
Required Skills: 
Superb photo-realistic digital painting skills and creativity, and/or superb illustrative/typographic design skills and creativity. Strong ability to work with a team and take direction and criticism. Must be able to work without a reference; you will often have to create original faces from author descriptions. Ability to integrate painting with stock photos is not required, but highly desired. Ability to design the cover (choosing or creating, integrating, and arranging typographic and non-art elements such as title, author, spine, and back cover elements with the finished illustration) is not required, but highly desired. Ability to work under deadline is absolutely critical.
Required Experience: 
None. Your portfolio can speak for itself, though if you have a professional design or fine art background, please be sure to mention it.
Front cover only, no typography: $100 to $300. Front cover only, with typography: $125 to $400. Full wrap, no typography: $150 to $450. Full wrap, with typography: $200 to $550. Ranges depend on experience, skill, turnaround time, and the complexity of the requested illustration.
All Riptide painters work for hire; this means you sell us both the image and the copyright, rather than license it to us. You may still include commissioned paintings in your portfolio, you will receive credit (with a website/portfolio link) on the copyright page of each title you paint for, and you will be given a bio on our staff page where you may link to your website/portfolio.
How to Apply: 
Send a cover letter, CV, portfolio link, and salary requirements (within the listed ranges only, please) to our Art Director, L.C. Chase. Fandom painters are very welcome, but please be sure your portfolio contains at least one or two non-fandom pieces.